Monday, November 30, 2009

So You Think You Have Freedom?

Most people today are under the assumption that they live in a free country in the U. S. We have lived with unjust taxation and the rest of the crooked system since we were born so we don't know anything else. This coupled with all of the disinformation and manipulations keep even the most educated, intelligent people fooled.

If the only thing you ever knew was paper money with nothing backing it, you would naturally think that this was a fair way to live your life. In actuality it is all designed to control the masses by their masters. If they don't care about the starving poor enough to stop the current system what makes you think they will care about you when its your turn in the gutter?

And yet I hear constantly that the government will not let things get out of hand. They will magically step in and save everyone before things get too far out of control. This is all understandable, as I have said. People don't want to believe that their lives can change so drastically for the worse. And for as long as they remember, things have not been too bad in their minds.

It is the job of sites like this to try to get people out of this rut that their minds tend to stay in. It's too bad that most of the ones that read these kinds of blogs are the ones that already know what time it is, so to speak. The majority will not want to look into any of these matters and avoid or even ridicule anything other than what they want to believe.

But, even with this frustration, I keep writing for those like my friend the cabbie (see previous comment section) who see what is going on around the country and do not close their eyes to things, enabling the controllers to get away with their scams. Instead they stand as glowing examples of how all of us should open our eyes and expose the rats that go undetected, infecting humanity with their filth.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comex, Stock Market and Bank Lockdowns

Tomorrow is Monday and a new week of trading and banking. It has been projected that this might be the day to watch for markets and banks by the end of the day. Although a month late, the bank lockdowns may be happening by the end of the day.

If not, don't think that it won't happen. Because once you let your guard down, that's usually when the unexpected happen. And sometime in 2010, without much of a doubt, the economy will take a dump in many people's opinion.

It will be better to have your money out of markets and banks and put them in later if you want to, than to be caught unprepared and lose your means of support. I have heard stories last year of people not securing their assets because they percieved that it would be embarrassing to them to do so and then ended up losing up to a third in the Oct. 2008 crash.

There are places to discern what is about to happen if you aren't afraid of looking foolish. Or you can try to appear "normal" to your peers and end up losing your lifeline. So, you could end up starving but still fit in with those that buy in to the "party line" for fear of being branded a kook.

I, myself, would rather not see my family suffer and be labeled a nut job if it turns out to be a false alarm.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trends Leading to Need to Survive Financial Depression

The Dow is rising but don't get too excited. The trends lead me to believe that it is a final attempt at a last gasp for the economy. The dollar is down, unemployment is high, gold and silver are way up and energy and food are about to shoot through the roof.

Do not take this as financial advice but only trend research and a little common sense thrown in. The new money printing that is going to get underway for more bailouts and designed to curb deflation always has the effect of inflation and that will most likely appear in 2010. By this time next year, we will almost assuredly be living in a world unimaginable by most.

It may be best to increase preparations as allowed by each family the best they can. I bought a new shotgun since I figure the money will be worth less the longer I waited. I was also able to use it deer hunting and they are also good for small game and home protection or as a deterrence. The ammo may also be valuable as a barter item, if needed.

Don't be tempted to sell your gold or silver if you have some and don't need the money. They may go down temporarily but the trend will be up up and away I think. Food, water and heat will most likely be important to have available in the coming months more so than anything. Most of you know this but sometimes its good to just have a little reminder.

Its been said that only 15% of the population can see what's ahead. By visiting sites like this, you are most likely in that group. But trying to convince the other 85% seems to be a exercise in this time at least. A lot of that could be due to the lack of coverage by main stream media and glossing over or actually covering up the reality of the situation.

But by taking a little time and having an open mind, there is much to be gleaned in support of these ideas. Best of luck to all and keep in touch. This blog has made next to nothing in proceeds since the beginning but I will try to continue to bring useful articles as long as possible because I truly have compassion for all unlike unlike many responsible for the current and future messes. And this is my small way of trying to help.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Survival Can Be A Matter Of Changing Customs

First, if you bought gold when suggested here, you should be happy with the all time highs. If not, you could buy on dips or get silver. I have heard .22 bullets would be good for barter also and food that can be stored for extended periods is still a good bet. I can't give financial advice but I just think those will still be good moves.

Today I read about the increase of rats due to conditions in many areas. Although considered bad news, lets look at the positive here. Some countries consider the rat a delicacy. If push comes to shove, it may be a matter of life and death to overcome some of the preconceived notions we have about food.

In the old country, nothing is wasted. The tongue and other parts of the cow and lamb are eaten regularly. Some Mexican restaurants serve beef tongue tacos and, seriously they are actually better than the beef and chicken ones. It is very tender with a really good flavor.

As kids, we ate tongue sandwiches with mustard all the time. We also had stomach stuffed with rice, fried brains, and other dishes not normally enjoyed here. We think nothing of it but I know it would not be tolerated by most here. However, that might need to change if living is a priority. I wonder if we could be hypnotized into getting over the ideas about certain foods.

That could be a business in the future. Food aversion therapy. We could all be enjoying fried maggots and grasshoppers together. If you use my idea please send a percentage of your profits along. I will accept payment in pig hooves, fish heads and kidneys packed on dry ice if money is not an option.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here It Comes?

Have we dodged the bullet with the economy? Don't count on it and don't put your money back in the bank/market etc., i.e. don't trust paper assets at this time. Nothing here is financial advice, but only my opinion and the opinion of others in the know.

The next week or two will probably lead to circumstances that are not condusive with playing the markets including holding precious metal, energy or food commodities or stocks, although those will probably do better than others.

But if you would have gotten physical gold back when it was first suggested here, you are probably staying ahead of 99.9% of the rest of the people. If you haven't checked, gold has been breaking records for all time highs lately.

I still feel that gold and especially silver is undervalued even at the current higher prices. That is not to say that there may not be a temporary downturn in the prices before going higher yet.

The dollar on the other hand has gone down some but nothing like what will be coming up. Certain hard assets may therefore be one of the best things to do with money at this time other than your hoard that will get you through the downturn/crash/end of the world as we know it.

It may happen quick or it may be a long, drawn out affair, your guess is as good as mine but the changes most assuredly lie in our near future. I would say things will be extremely bad by around this spring or summer at the latest but could start heading down as soon as the next few days.

Whatever the timeline, it is looking like this is it no matter what the official BS is that is being touted. I hope this helps some of you prepare and enables you to get some assistance to make it through the very rough next few months or more likely years.

So stay tuned here and the other recommended places for updates and don't rely on the regular news sources or you are bound to find yourself in a very poor position when it hits

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Economy Ready For Final Gasp

Yesterday, the day of the predicted beginning of the end for the economy, there wasn't a lot that most would consider to be out of the ordinary. Other than the stock market hiccup, that is. However there were other thing going on also, although they seemed to be minor at the time.

I don't think anyone knows for sure what the actual event was that will serve as the trigger to start the economic ball rolling downhill. There is a lot of speculation as to what it was but to see for sure, we will have to wait awhile. Most likely it will become clear a week from this Friday or the one after that, black Friday as it will probably be referred to as.

This gives a little more time to make the preparations that will be needed. To review, here are some of the items that may be helpful:

-cash on hand to last a few months or as close as possible.
-plenty of food and water.
-a way to stay warm or cool, depending upon the climate.
-precious metals, gold or silver, as circumstances allow.
-home protection.
-a generator with extra gas or at lease candles, flashlights and batteries.
-extra propane and a grill or other means to cook (woodstove, campstove, Sterno...).
-first aid supplies.
-garden supplies for indoor growing.
-fire starting supplies.
-a radio other than electric.

Other items may be helpful as well depending on what the emergency is or how long it will last. For example, gas masks, farm animals, vitamins and medicines, tools, a tent, tarps, sleeping bags, a method of transportation and the list goes on and on. A little research will give you more ideas but no one can have everything that might be needed. Prioritize the best you can and have others around to assist if possible.

Hopefully, we are wrong about the situation but it won't hurt to be ready just in case. And I think that these upcoming events will affect everyone, one way or another. Check back for more over the next couple of weeks or so and good luck.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Unemployment and Bailouts

It is still being decided whether or not the unemployed will be able to get an extension on their benefits or not. This has been dragging on in congress while those who have lost their livelihood due to no fault of their own suffer. However, bailouts are paid freely to corrupt big businesses that brought about their own troubles due to their own greed. What do you expect? This type of thing has been going on for years.

I've been waiting my whole adult live, since the 70's for this type of crap to change and maybe now it will finally start to in the next couple days. Probably not without the major suffering and death of many innocents, however. For me the extra 20 weeks of benefits would be great since my benefits ran out weeks ago. Those in lower unemployment states would only be getting 14 weeks.

Better yet, how about a little job creation. If there is by chance a decent job opening, the chances of getting it are slim since sometimes hundreds and even thousands apply for each opening. Nothing will get better until this situation is addressed no matter what you hear about the economy turning around. And getting anything done about it is going to take a long time. Just look at how long they take to decide to extend the benefits. If their cronies wanted the money, it would have been printed, sent and distributed as bonuses by now.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Survival Guide Review

I got the book "When All Hell Breaks Loose" by Cody Lundin yesterday and it is about the best reference for surviving whatever comes about I have seen. The reviews on the sale page are excellent but even those don't do it justice.

The author is probably the best qualified suvivalist around and he not only talks about survival but lives it everyday. He also teaches survivalism to some of the most prominent members of society in his courses.

Lundin not only covers most scenarios, but adds aspects that can't be found elsewhere. He teaches the psychological as well as the pysiological conditions required to get through the conditions that will start to come into view next week and be all too obvious in the coming weeks.

Other sources point to things getting progessively worse from this time on with everything coming to a head by mid summer. So, if you want to be fully prepared, be sure to read this book as it has many topics not covered elsewhere, which explain points that are sure to be essential to making it through for you and your family.

Here are some reviews from the order page.

Editorial Reviews
Review "When All Hell Breaks Loose is aimed at empowering an urban and suburban audience to deal with survival situations BEFORE they happen." -- SuperConsciousness Magazine "When All Hell Breaks Loose is the essential survival guide for the twenty-first century." -- Jim Mulvaney, Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist Tactical intelligence Services, Inc.

"When All Hell Breaks Loose-all 450 pages of it-is aimed toward educating and preparing you and your family for change and the unknown." -- BackHome Magazine When All Hell Breaks Loose breaks survival preparedness down into a common sense approach, although Cody's style is still "in your face." -- Wilderness Way magazine

When All Hell Breaks Loose provides insight into common-sense solutions that can keep you and yours . . . alive. -- Bob Nelson, Executive Director, National Disaster Communication Response Team

Cody Lundin has written a book that eloquently makes the strongest possible case for robust, profound, and holistic emergency preparedness. -- Kay C. Goss, Senior Principal Director, Emergency Management and Crisis Communications Systems Research and Applications Corporation (SRA International)

Cody Lundin's When All Hell Breaks Loose is not your grandpa's survival manual--this book is just damn entertaining. -- Read It Here magazineLundin's suggestions and encouragements are clear and kind, offering readers a new-found confidence regarding survival before crises occur. -- Tucson Weekly

When All Hell Breaks Loose by Cody Lundin instructs readers how to dispose of bodies and dine on rats and dogs in the event of disaster. -- The New York Times, April 6, 2008

[The] book's key message--that advance preparation and personal responsibility are crucial in mitigating the effects of a disaster--is an important one. -- Elizabeth Gary, Acting Executive Secretary, National Protection and Programs Directorate, U.S. Department Of Homeland Security

From the Inside Flap Ever stay awake at night running through "what if" scenarios? Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, famine, tornadoes, and terror . . . .Well, hold onto your gas masks, folks, survival guru and acclaimed author Cody Lundin is back with a no-holds-barred guide for surviving the next urban and suburban disaster! This isn't your father's boy scout manual or a FEMA handout. In his latest book, When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need to Survive When Disaster Strikes, Lundin, founder and director of the internationally recognized Aboriginal Living Skills School, takes you on a wild ride into "self-reliant land" with an honest, blunt account of what every family needs in the home, office, or car to prepare for possible emergencies. From the basics such as shelter, water, food, survival kits, and first-aid, to survival exotics such as building a makeshift toilet, catching rodents for food, and safely disposing of a corpse, When All Hell Breaks Loose is the first book to concisely and humorously outline a simple survival system using everyday household items to survive catastrophes from Los Angeles to Paris and everywhere in between. Lundin also delves into the little understood realm of "cause and effect" and the creation of a self-reliant mind-set, unleashing essential psychological secrets vital for survival to keep you from falling into full-blown fear and panic. Lundin's presentation style is fresh, entertaining, and a bit irreverent. Spirited characters such as Vinny the (Uptown) Cockroach, Holy Cow, Robbie Rubbish, and others climb aboard to graphically show you how to prepare for the unexpected and help you remember important survival strategies while under great stress and anxiety. When All Hell Breaks Loose delivers home-tested techniques, tips, and tricks that will help anyone become more self-reliant in any situation. So ditch the fearmongering and paranoia, lower the shotgun, and immerse yourself in the most common-sense, in-your-face book on preparedness yet! Buy a copy for yourself and several for your friends and family too! Cody Lundin and his Aboriginal Living Skills School have been featured in dozens of national and international media sources, including The Today Show, Dateline NBC, CBS News, Fox News, USA Today, CNN, The Donny and Marie Show, The Discovery Channel, Good Morning Arizona, Field and Stream magazine, The Los Angeles Daily News, Esquire magazine, CBC Radio One in Canada, and 702 Talk Radio in Johannesburg, South Africa, as well as on the cover of Backpacker magazine. He has consulted for several organizations including National Geographic Television, the Public Broadcasting Station (PBS), The History Channel, The Travel Channel, and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). When not teaching for his own school, Cody is an adjunct faculty member at Yavapai College and a faculty member at the Ecosa Institute. His expertise in practical self-reliant skills comes from a lifetime of personal experience, including designing his own off-the-grid, passive solar earth home in which he catches rain, composts wastes, and pays nothing for heating or cooling. Cody lives in Arizona and is the author of the best-selling book on wilderness survival, 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!
About the Author Cody Lundin and his Aboriginal Living Skills School have been featured in dozens of national and international media sources, including Dateline NBC, CBS News, USA Today, The Donny and Marie Show, and CBC Radio One in Canada, as well as on the cover of Backpacker magazine. When not teaching for his own school, he is an adjunct faculty member at Yavapai College and a faculty member at the Ecosa Institute. Cody is the only person in Arizona licensed to catch fish with his hands, and lives in a passive solar earth home sixty miles from Prescott, Arizona

Monday, October 12, 2009

Surviving The Depression

In about two weeks, on Oct. 25, people will start to be aware of the current depression according to the fine people at and These are the ones that got it right on last year's decline in the stock market, 9/11 and many other events. And this one is said to be bigger than both of those put together by many times.

So, for some last minute survival tips, have some cash on hand in case of bank closures. Two weeks worth would be the bare minimum with enough for several months better. Have food on hand for the same period at least since there may not be any in the stores or, what there is will be very expensive.

Watch out for sites like this to be targeted and not be available. You may however be able to access them with their IP address. has his posted today in case you would like to be able to get news from there. Other than that, take the usual steps to get through as you can find in past article here by browsing or doing a search of this site in the bar at the left.

Watch the news for prequels to this catastrophe beforehand but, whatever will be start off as the actual turning point will be right on the 25th more than likely. The two weeks after that should bring it to light what is happening. Other than that, all I can tell you is that you should not buy into what you will be hearing because of the normal spin and also the cover that will be being used to guide you where you shouldn't be focusing.

That's all I know for now. Further postings will be available here if anything else comes to light.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gold, Silver and Whistlblowers

Gold shot up today by a huge amount and silver went up by a higher percentage yet. However, silver is proportionally lower than it was last time gold went over $1000 an ounce. So watch for silver to catch up even more. They are both still a bargain, especially if this proves to be an inflationary depression rather than a deflationary one and there's a good chance of that.

If gold goes over $1050, that will probably lock it in at over $1000 from here on out. Silver should be over $20 an ounce right now and headed for $50 and then maybe $800 or so in the coming year or two....maybe : ) Not financial advice though, ya know.

My whistleblowing case against the federal government was dismissed on a technicality recently and I found out that that was my last chance to get it through. Not because it didn't have merit, but because of the intense corruption against us citizens by the powerful controllers. That's OK: the Universe has it's way of evening things out sooner or later and they will definitely pay the piper at that time.

They have spent much too long screwing the people that they are supposed to serve and that pay their fat cat salaries. It will be a good day when the tables turn and karma takes effect to bring about the justice that they have avoided of all these years. Well, I could say a lot about this topic but you already know what they are like, unless you are one of the blind sheep who are partially to blame for helping to facilitate the crimes against the people including your own selves. If you aren't aware by now, give it a couple months. The corruption should be clear to everyone by then except to the most brainwashed of our brethren.

But then, we are not ones to hold onto grudges and harbor resentments, are we? That will only serve to negatively affect our selves. Just know that things have an odd way of evening themselves out in the end and take solice in that. Justice will be served and it's coming up soon, to be sure.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Old Paradigm Needs To Go

It boggles the mind how so many people don't pay attention to the way things have been done on this planet since as long as I can remember. What made me think of this was after reading about the President's current home, the white house. How do we justify this elaborate quarters for one family while so many are homeless and starving?

Granted everyone is caught up in getting ahead themselves or just hanging on to what they have but if we take pause a moment, we can see just how far things have gone totally out of whack. And this is just how it is planned. By keeping everyone on the treadmill, that doesn't allow time to consider the total screwing that most everyone is receiving.

Maybe that's a good part of the rest of the economic crash that is heading our way in the next few months. It will serve as a wake up call for people to take time to take another look at this whole mess we have allowed to be developed. As young people, I'm sure a lot of you took a look at the world and wanted to do something about it. But that was before you were totally committed to the rat race that tends to consume lives and changes those idealistic ideas.

I don't suggest any sort of violent actions to combat the old paradigm, although that will most assuredly be participated in by some. I prefer to support local commerce and not participate as much as possible in actions that support the old ways. Of course those that benefit most from business as usual will not give up easily. Every trick in the bag can be expected to be pulled out in order to keep things as they are.

Most will be taken in by all of this as has always been the case and this may enable the controllers to continue the fleecing for a while longer. This will only add to the suffering of many and a lot of lives to be lost just as planned. But there is still a vast majority of people who refuse to look at the facts. It will take the coming calamities to convince them. Too bad: if more would open their eyes, maybe some of it would not be necessary.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Preppers Need Fun Too

With all the doom and gloom going on, we might forget the need to balance things out by doing something other than preparing for the dire conditions of the next couple years. Try to think of something that might be fun to do without cutting into your limited funds that will be needed to get through. I can't tell anyone else what to do since each person has their own idea of what is actually fun but some things I like that don't cost anything are going for a bike ride with the kids or a trip to the library (here we don't even need to drive to get there).

There is a red box movie rental at the local grocery store here where you can rent a movie for only a dollar. How about having a family night with a good movie and some nachos or pizza (some frozen ones aren't bad nowadays and a lot cheaper than the 20 dollar delivered ones). If you're like us, we load up one side with weird items like broccoli and pine nuts, etc and leave the other half for those less adventurous.

For some, just getting out and working in your garden is relaxing. Ours is winding down although some crops have not reached their full potential. But it's getting cold now and soon we'll get that first frost that will do in the remaining plants if not covered. Watch your local weather forecasts and pick what you can beforehand.

I've noticed lately that sometimes dining out can be about as cheap as getting groceries for simple meals at home. A lot of places are trying to bring in business by running specials, knowing that people are eating out less lately. Find one of those or, as we do here, get one of those local coupon books that the kids sell and you can usually buy one meal and get one free. (Or try coupons from the paper or online.)

The Dove Family Films are run at a local theater here where kids get in free and sometimes they have specials going on for the concessions. Otherwise look out for the concession prices: they can add up fast. That's how they make most of their money. Kind of like gas stations that make their money on the overpriced items and not the gas.

We will probably get some decent weather before winter although it doesn't look like it today. That would be a good time to pack a lunch and go on a hike or have a picnic at the local park. The hiking part is not my favorite, being a confirmed couch potato, but once you get started it's not that hard. And it can make you feel better: those chemicals that get released in the body, ya know.

Mall walking can be good exercise and fun for some but watch out for the temptations all around to entice people to buy. Of course, if you need items and have the money they may have deals on them. (A lot of times you can find better prices at places other than the mall.) Anyway, if the controllers have their way, your money won't be worth much when the inflationary policies go out of control. Just be sure to keep enough to get through several months at least.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Population Reduction

You would think that, being out of a job, I would have a lot of time to spend on writing but, with seven kids and a disabled wife, there are always tons of things to do around here. Therefore, articles will appear frequently but not on a regular schedule.

Something I wanted to share prompted my making time to come on for a few minutes today. That is the contention that a decrease in population is going to take place in the next year or so. It has been reported that the number 1.25 billion is the amount that the worldwide population will be lowered by.

Most of this decrease, it is said, will be due to food shortages that are foreseen to be on the horizon. This could be due to the so-called death of the oceans, crop failures, economics, oil shortages or other reasons but but it is thought that it will be engineered for some reason. Or a pandemic could contribute as well. In other words, some think that this will be generated by those with the power to do such things.

So, I suggest that some research be done to avoid the disaster touching you or your family. This may be done by searching some of the past survival articles on this site or others. Its hard to imagine that there are some that would resort to such methods in order to further their agenda but, if that would be the case, it would seem that there is evil beyond comprehension with the means to carry out their plans.

Stay safe by preparing the best you can and we will all hope for the best, whatever it is that is on the horizon for us all. In the future I will be reporting on my whistleblower case against the government, which looks like it will be squashed, as I imagined would be the outcome. After all, that's the way things are done in this once land of the free. But that was a very long time ago.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Predictions Report And Economic Survival In Recession Or Deppression

Ben Bernake, center, official mouthpiece for the government, has claimed that the good times are just ahead. (Sound familiar? Its the same slogan used throughout the Great Depression.) He states that the worst is behind us and that we have turned the corner on the economic downturn and are heading back up from here. However, not even President Obama seems to be buying the BS. When asked if he agreed, he simply stated that he would let Bernake make the call as to when it was over.

In the late stages of capitalism that we are in now, there is really nowhere to "turn around" to. The gig is up and the many years of fleecing of the public can not go on indefinitely. The controller's ponzi scheme is about to be discovered by a majority of the people. Especially if they stray from the media hype and start digging a little deeper. For example, if they were to watch the number one documentary producer, Michael Moore's latest attempt on the subject, which is just opening.

This is all nothing new. My college professor, Larry Tift at CMU, wrote a book in the 1980's stating the same thing and teaching it mostly to students who didn't believe a word of it. I did though. Just a decade prior to that, in the early 70's, there were many of us questioning the way things were being done but, for some reason, that didn't last and the scheme was allowed to continue now for about 40 years longer. That's just a testament to the power of cunning manipulation aimed at a totally blind, mentally lazy or ambivalent populace.

Other countries are now talking seriously about not wanting to deal in US dollars any longer, the currency used for years in international business. They seem to know what is about to come down the pike and don't want to be stuck holding the bag. The upcoming G-20 meeting in Philly will serve as a soap box for the countries to air their grievances regarding the failing US dollar.

On top of that, the Federal Reserve has to deal with what is looking more and more like the dreaded audit that they will no longer be able to put off due to the number of people that they are no longer able to convince of their honesty who are now demanding some straight answers. Oh, and the latest news on the Fed is this. They have slipped up and admitted to the watchdog group, GATA, that they have manipulated the price of gold, which has served to allow them to continue their stealing from the masses to enrich their friends.

Add to all of this, the commercial real estate bubble starting to burst (no, you won't hear much of that...can you say cover up?), the rising unemployment figures (that are also fudged to appear lower), the derivative meltdown along with all of the other indicators, and you can pretty much see how badly we are screwed.

Or if you still can't, just wait. October 25th seems to be the consensus for the behind the scenes triggers that will bring everything to light for others who still don't see what is going on. And then by mid November the proverbial crap will start its flight into the blades of the fan. Gold, already on the rise to all time highs, is said to be poised to hit the $1050 per ounce price by year end.

Reports of strange happenings in the US, mostly foreign, are starting to build already. Such as the census taker who was found dead with the word FED carved into his chest reported on at Urban Survival and many other bizarre stories of extreme violence. Haven't heard those? You must be relying totally on the regular, sanitized news from this country then. Those type of stories won't be allowed to appear for regular folks to come upon. Much too risky, ya know. You have to come here or turn to
other alternative sources for that.

So, check back regularly unless you want to be totally blindsided in the coming weeks. I suppose that type of thinking serves it's purpose. It would allow us to sit still and continue our false hopes of a "turn around'. That way Ben Bernake and cohorts can continue to feather their beds with the rest of your retirement fund money until one day you are the one who will "turn around" to see all of it gone.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New Developments And Some Garden Chat

As for the economic overview, I did not get the article on surviving the current economic downturn quite finished yet but will promise to have it up by early Thursday, the day after tomorrow. I am still making time to study current developments and there are some discrepancies along certain lines such as the near term movement of precious metals among the most reliable experts.

I will continue to sort this and other issues out and get the best picture put together for the upcoming article. Meanwhile, I see that according to the poll on this site, there is still a high level of interest in gardening. In this area there seems to be a blight affecting the tomato plants this year. I have had some good tomato harvests but was probably one of the lucky ones.

The consensus in all of the local news reports suggest that these plants need to be removed entirely from the garden area to clear the way for next season's tomato crop. Otherwise, the blight will continue to ruin the plants and negate this food source. Here we have had some trouble with certain pests, as well. Particularly slugs, beetles and mites. As for the mites and beetles, an insecticide soap product seems to clear them up somewhat. These are available at most large stores and garden supply sources. They will not affect the organic nature of the garden as they are not toxic and can be used up to the day of harvest.

The slugs are a different matter though. You may need to purchase a box of powder to sprinkle near the affected plants which acts as bait to poisen the pest. This should not affect the organic nature of the food either as it is not put on the plants or close enough to wash into the root systems. The slugs and snails will migrate from the plant to the source and ingest it, which will then kill the offending pest.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Web Bot Predictions As Related To Survivalism

If you are wondering what the heck is going on with the world, you are not alone. I'm trying to use reliable sources to figure out where we are headed but some of the information I find difficult to make sense of. The Web Bot Alta report from due out on the 15th may clear some of this up, but for now, I will try to share what I think it is that I have somewhat of an understanding of.

It looks like what is being called the death of the dollar is going to impact pretty much everyone and is going to become obvious by the first of November. This is why we hear such things as China wanting to hold tangible assets rather than the empty promises of our dollars and why it is being reported that insiders are exiting the stock market.

Necessary items such as food will become inflated while other items may be worth less. It's confusing but that looks like the most likely scenario. This downturn will last for many years as far as I can tell and there are supposed to be like a billion people who will not make it through the changes. It's hard to know how to prepare for all of this but some basics are to have available food, water, shelter, some cash in smaller denominations and some silver on hand as well as a means to defend this.

That is my way of trying to boil things down to the simplest way I know how. For the first time gold has closed over a thousand dollars an ounce for the week and this is a sign that the efforts to hold everything together is not working for the controllers. Not that it will not go up and down from here but I think the metals are getting closer to the point of drastically higher prices. Oil may not be far behind and some predictions call for 800 dollar silver, 5000 dollar gold and 200 dollar oil or more.

There have been many manipulations to try to continue the fleecing of the common people and most people don't accept this but it will become more apparent as the next few months unfold. Things have gotten to the point where the bubble can not hold much more air. There is the scenario as I understand it. There is definitely a lot more to the story than that but, I will try to strain the limited intelligence I have been endowed with later to bring more of the available information to light.

Other topics that could deserve special consideration are coming clouds of toxic fallout from possible terrorism or war, pandemics, and pillaging that would require other preparations such as gas masks, natural remedies, medicines, first aid supplies and escape plans but this all is giving me such a headache. Please just do whatever you can and hope for the best. I do not want to see any unnecessary suffering and am sick at the thought of innocents going through these tribulations.

Considering the more far out and less concrete ideas, there may be a spiritual aspect to all of this. Whatever your beliefs, anything is possible and it would be nice some great power would step in and correct the evil being thrust upon the innocent. Some believe that a karmic balancing will bring justice. Those that brought this about would be corrected as well as the victims receiving their share of balance.
Others see a galactic group interceding to ensure fairness. And still others are of the beliefs set forth by Christianity. Or technology or a political solution and on and on. While anything is possible, we can't be sure how any of this will unfold, so I suggest taking the steps you feel are necessary to protect you and your loved ones. As the saying goes, God helps those that help themselves.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Survivalist Preparations For Economic Depression


Today readers have shown an increased interest in survival tips according to the poll on this page. This has given it a slight lead over gardening tips, although they overlap each other somewhat.

The biggest news affecting the survival of this economic depression has to do with the coming hyper inflation that will most likely appear in the not-too-distant future. This means that any savings you might have, including retirement accounts, will be worth much less, if not almost totally wiped out, soon.

So, now would be a good time to make some adjustments to your bank balances, 401k's, stocks, or other accounts. The big question is what to move the paper assets into from those accounts. The answer would hinge upon the most likely scenario to arise.

But first, as a side note, as any true friend should outline, the opinions given are not to be considered financial advice. These are only my opinions and what I would do but not to be considered professional advice. Of course, as many can tell you, most professional advice has led to the loss fortunes in this past year.

If you do seek professional financial advice, be cautious. Most advisers are still recommending strategies such as the old "buy and hold" methods that will lead to disastrous results, if followed. The ones that offer this advice should be avoided like the swine flu, in my opinion.

And now for the meat of the article. The inflationary strategies being undertaken in order to counter the deflationary effects of this depression should take affect shortly. But they will lead to the value of money to go down with regard to certain necessities of life such as food and energy.

So stocking up on food and driving a vehicle that conserves on gas would be two obvious answers. Other places to move your money to could include hard assets such as gardening supplies and seeds or warm clothing and hand tools.

Candles, toilet paper, batteries, wind-up flashlights and radios, converting to solar or wind power, wood or pellet stoves and fuel, and putting in a water well can all be good choices. Other items that might cost you more soon could be firearms, ammunition and other hunting supplies. If you have any extra supplies, some of these type of things could be valuable for bartering or trading for other items.

If you have a lot of paper assets left over, precious metals have been the usual method of preserving wealth in the past. Much of this material has been covered in past articles so to avoid repetition, I will only try to publish new material as it becomes available regarding this topic in the future. Therefore, you may want to review the archives of past articles for basic information that will be helpful and to brush up on good strategies.

As seen today, the precious metals have jumped in price quite a bit this morning. That could mean that time is running out to get into some of these assets listed above. Oil has also went back up over 71 dollars a barrel. The economic movements discussed here may take a very short time to unfold and there may not be much warning ahead of time, so it may be best to make your provisions sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Here's An Excellent Blog to Check Out

There are a lot of blogs out there and who has time to look at even a very small fraction of them? But this one is well worth the time to go to and browse the great articles. You will learn a lot from Bartender Cabbie and not just meaningless information like on a lot of blogs. If you want news with a purpose of putting out usefull content, be sure to go there and take the time to look back through the articles. It really is excellent.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How To Barter With Metals For Preppers To Ensure Survival In This Depression

Everyone talks about stockpiling precious metals as the way to survive in the current Great Depression. However, in delving deeply into this, I have been able to foresee some big problems that are sure to thwart us in our attempts to keep ourselves, as well as our loved ones, alive.

So exactly what type of metals do we want to accumulate? Junk silver, or coinage consisting of silver, is a number one choice of many. But, as you will see shortly, attempting to utilize this method in order to stay alive can cause just the opposite effect and actually get you killed. Another dilemma is that the premiums charged on the most recognizable coins, which can be over $70 per one ounce gold coin, will cause you to go broke before you get an adequate stash put up.

My comments following the post I have reproduced in full below from the Utah Prepper's site will lay out a very simple plan to get around these problems and, at the end of this article, I will list the one way to very easily solve these problems. Pay special attention to the fellow in comment 4 and my responses, as it may very well determine the difference between life and death. Here is the article in it's entirety:


I’m trying to get this all figured out, it’s kind of confusing! Junk Silver, Silver Coins, Bullion Coins, Pre-1965 Coins – it turns out they all pretty much mean the same thing! Hard-Core TEOTWAWKI Preppers know that pre-1965 silver coins are made up of actual silver and have good potential barter power. That bartering capability comes from the fact that the U.S. Mint has guaranteed the amount of silver in these coins so they have a known value. Bullion Coins are generally considered the easiest way to have known values of precious metals – hence their potential barter usage. So far this is fairly common knowledge, but there is a lot more to know in order to do this properly – and I’m trying to get it all figured out.

This post is a learning post – I’m no expert in this area at all – I’m merely sharing knowledge as I gain it. The purpose here is for us to help each other out – if I’m wrong in something I say, please correct me in the comments! If you know about this area and can provide useful further info including knowledge, tips, websites, etc – please do! And if you’re just now reading this, please check the comments and consider them an extension of this post.

Now that that is out of the way, on to the discussion. I’ve been wanting to know more about this and recently have started researching it – I made my first purchase of Junk Silver at the Crossroads of the West Gunshow in Salt Lake on Saturday (Jan 11, 2009). It was a little thrilling because I really wasn’t sure if I was getting ripped off or not, but I wanted to get started on caching coins. I only bought $11.00 worth so it was a cheap, potential throw-away, experience. Turns out it wasn’t a bad deal. Let’s get into what I’ve learned about how this works.

According to Lynn Coins Junk Silver is organized into $1.00 values based on the face value of the coins. This means you can mix and match quarters, dimes, nickels, half dollars and dollars into batches. Each $1.00 face value batch of coins should have approximately 71% of a Troy Ounce of Silver in it.

From Wikipedia:
The most commonly collected U.S. junk silver pieces are Mercury and Roosevelt
dimes, Washington quarters, and Franklin and Kennedy half dollars, minted in or before 1964. These coins have a 90% silver composition (”coin silver“), and when minted contained 0.7234 troy ounces of silver per dollar of face value. In practice, the content is usually assumed to be 0.715 ounces because of wear. Less common as junk silver are Kennedy half dollars from 1965 to 1970, which contained 40% silver. Peace Dollars may also be collected for their silver value, but are also less common.

Canadian dimes and quarters contained 80% silver (0.600 troy ounces per dollar of face value) until 1966. In 1967, they were minted in both 80% and 50% varieties. In 1968 they either contained 50% silver, or none at all (Cupro-Nickel). Dollars and half dollars were minted in 80% silver until 1967.

From this we learn the next critical part to gathering Junk Silver – PRE-1965 coins must be
used in most cases. Starting in 1965, the US quit using Silver and switched to a fiat currency.
So, as we’re gathering pre-1965 silver coins (how stinking hard is that going to be if you’re going through your pocket change?), how do we know what they’re currently worth? provides us with a chart that shows the current silver value of different US coins based on their silver composition. That makes it easy. We can also look at live market rates for Silver on – as of this writing, the Spot Price of Silver was at $11.25.
As I mentioned above, Junk Silver is not something you’re going to just find in the change you get at the gas station – at least not very often. For the most part you have to go to a coin dealer/trader in order to get accumulated quantities of Junk Silver.
Here’s a quick list of Coin Dealers in Utah.

Supply and Demand of course plays a part in all this – every prepper that’s thinking about this topic is looking for Junk Silver to grab – and there’s a finite amount of them available. So, when you go to purchase your Junk Silver, keep in mind that the dealer is providing a valuable service – sorting, buying and collecting the pre-1965 Silver Coins and then providing you with a resource that has a limited quantity and a real value behind it. In other words, you’re going to pay more than the silver is worth on the market.

Here’s what I’ve learned about values in the Junk Silver Market – as of this writing, you should expect to pay about $11.00 per $1.00 face value of coins – this amounts to .7 Troy Ounces of silver – the current Spot Price of Silver is $11.25 per ounce. So, you should expect to pay about 30% or so markup on the actual spot price of silver – this is commonly referred to as the Price Over Spot.

Availability is definitely an issue right now, Junk Silver is HARD to find locally, especially in large quantities. Apparently it’s common for dealers to buy $1,000.00 face value bags of coins, but that costs a LOT of money. If you can’t find any at your local coin shop, Lynn Coin and probably several others will sell it to you in smaller bulk quantities. I’ve never dealt with them and cannot and am not recommending them. For bulk purchases, the fantastic recommends and endorses The Tulving Company. also provides the following insight:

BTW, the quick way to gauge the value of a $1,000 bag versus the spot price of silver on any given day is simply to multiply the spot price by 715. Thus, at yesterday’s spot silver price of $13.85 per ounce, your $1,000 bag of dimes is worth $9,902.75. (Or just think of it as 9.9 times face value.)

There are also other ways to buy silver but we aren’t going to go into that much. I will however mention that I love these LDS based 1 Troy Ounce silver coins that have a picture of Captain Moroni on the front and The Title of Liberty of the back. I won’t mention how many of them I own :)

Do you have any further insights, corrections, or good sites you can recommend about Junk Silver? If so, please let us know in the comments!


Your information is good, and junk silver is definitely an important part of saving your hard-earned cash for a long-term scenario. One of the main downsides to junk silver, though, is the lack of common knowledge about its value. If you take a quarter and try to use it in a TEOTWAWKI barter scenario, your ability to use it depends entirely upon the other person’s knowledge of and confidence in its value.


[...] On Junk Silver or Silver Coins or Bullion Coins and Bartering Utah Preppers I’m trying to get this all figured out, it’s kind of confusing! Junk Silver, Silver Coins, Bullion Coins, Pre-1965 Coins – it turns out they all pretty much mean the same thing! Hard-Core TEOTWAWKI Preppers know that pre-1965 silver coins are made up of actual silver and have good potential barter power. That bartering capability comes from the fact that the U.S. Mint has guaranteed the amount of silver in these coins so they have a known value. Bullion Coins are generally considered the easiest way to have known values of precious metals – hence their potential barter usage. So far this is fairly common knowledge, but there is a lot more to know in order to do this properly – and I’m trying to get it all figured out. [...]


Having somewhat recently gotten into precious metals I have had to stumble through most of the stuff you laid out in this article. I have ended up with a combination of 90% silver and 99% rounds/bars. I buy whatever can be found at the most reasonable prices. I had a good thing going with a coin shop where I used to live, buying small quantities (single rolls) for 10X spot.
Where I live now the local place sells it for 12X. I have been buying stuff online here. Finding smaller quantities online has been difficult so I’ve been buying silver rounds. May pick up some more dimes though.

COMMENT 4 !!!!!!!!!!

If you disagree with my statement above, do me a favor. Borrow $5 in fiat currency from some sheeple you know. Then pay them back with a few dimes, quarters etc., in pre-1965 coins and watch their face as they get pissed! Then try to do the same thing while buying $5 worth of stuff at the neighborhood 7-11 store and see how far that gets your with Sanjay the owner. In the mind of sheeple, there is NO DIFFERENCE between post and pre-1965 money. If you’re not dealing with an informed survivalist or a numismatist you will NEVER CONVINCE them that your shiny pocket change is better than their shiny pocket change no way no how. Not to mention, the average American idiot couldn’t solve a math equation to determine silver content in 40% or 90% coins to save their idiotic lives. Besides, is a SHTF scenario really the time to conduct math classes with your uninformed trading partners. Heck, you might even get shot for your troubles when they think you’re trying to cheat them with your extra- special shiny dimes and quarters…and the last thing you’ll see will be all your lovely 90% and 40% coins getting kicked into the gutter while they check your pockets for something really valuable.
Now, don’t get me wrong. I have a soft spot in my heart (and in my head) for silver. I have 500 American Silver Eagles which I bought as a hedge investment and in case of a hyperinflationary situation without major political or socioeconomic collapse (non-SHTF in other words). Should hyper inflation kick-in my plan is to go to the local coin shop and exchange a few coins for some paper money to buy groceries immediately before they become even more devalued. Of course, the Silver Eagle has the words “One Ounce Fine Silver .999″ on it so it has more street cred immediately, but the coin shop owner won’t need me to explain to him why they’re worth more than the $1 face amount anyway. Junk silver has value in this hyperinflationary non-SHTF case as well. However, in a SHTF scenario Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs will kick in ASAP. People will be looking for shelter, food, medicine, ammo, clothing, liquor, sex etc. Shiny metal will probably only get you killed in your sleep by someone who doesn’t see the benefits of trading perfectly good food for your precious shiny metals like silver or gold. Most especially if the shiny Junk metals look exactly like (to their uneducated eye) as the jingling crap in their own threadbare pants. To paraphrase an old anti-drug slogan, “There’s a reason they call it JUNK!”


john Says:September 1st, 2009 at 7:11 pm

"To avoid paying premiums, I will be getting rounds and one to ten ounce bars marked by reputable refiners such as Engelhard. That way people will know that it is real silver and what it is worth (whatever an ounce is valued at the time). "

"I too avoided purchasing the junk silver coins due to concern that potential barterers will not be savey enough regarding the value of them. The one ounce pieces are easier to determine their value at any given time and most folks won’t be prepared to do a field test to determine their content. Therefore, I opted to either pay the premium and eat the cost or go with the known refiner’s name on the piece. This seems to be the safest method of insuring survival. If I’m wrong, please contest my rationale, but I don’t think that I am."

Now, for my readers, here is the precious information that we are finally getting to after all of that: the makers and refiners that will be known by any coin dealer that you want to cash your bullion in to. They will also be known to most half-way decent business people with supplies to barter in exchange for precious metals in the near future. And they are:

Credit-Suisse, PAMP, Johnson-Matthey, Engelhard and SilverTowne.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Recent Blog and Conspiracy Developments

This blog has encountered some problems as of late that are of some concern. For reasons unknown, traffic has fallen off from close to 100 hits per day to around 20. I will keep posting important information in these next few months that will mark the beginning of the end. I want to keep the information flow open for the regular, loyal readers because it can literally make the difference between life and death in surviving the upcoming catastrophe. However it may be necessary to apply my limited time elsewhere if this current project/experiment proves to be unproductive.

Having gotten that rant out of the way, here's another one. Conspiracy theories have been around for as long as humans have populated the planet but recently they have been coming to a head for many. A lot of people who used to ridicule them are being prodded or forced to lend more credence to them in what is quickly being viewed as a drastic shaking up of the status quo.

For example, tonight is the airing of a program on the mainstream National Geographic Channel during prime time portraying the indisputable facts that the events of 9/11 do not add up in support of the official version of that terrible day. As unbelievable as it seems, if one is open minded enough to take time to consider everything, there would be no way to conclude that we were told the truth about what went down on that fateful day.

How long can the public be convinced that all of the facts put forth by the most upstanding of experts are somehow a fantasy and delusions of unstable minds? How is it that we can not fathom that those with the ability to put together the most convoluted trickery would ever stoop to such levels for their own benefit? Are we too trusting and unable to consider that anyone would ever manipulate mankind for personal gain? Are we naive? Or do we find it impossible that anyone would act in such a lowly manner because we, ourselves would never proceed as such?

That's what they count on and, so far, it has worked out just perfectly for them. And we are their unwitting accomplices, just as they figured we would be. And why not? They have had since the beginning to connive and figure out the best methods to use in order to pull it all off.

But through forums such as National Geographic and this site, people should be waking up to the reality of the situation. At least that is my vision. Lets just hope that it is not too late by the time enough of us finally come around and take the actions required in order to make the necessary changes.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Survival Tips for Preppers Facing Economic Depression 2

For the first time a category in this site's poll has been matched in requesting articles on gardening. This category is survival tips. These developments are to be expected in the coming weeks with the second great depression kicking in to high gear as well as the gardening season winding down.

By the end of next month many will be seeking survival tips and by a month after that things will be in full swing. I was able to get a few eagle coins today and I suggest that anyone wanting to be prepared do the same as your ability allows. This is the number one tip to everyone at this time. I cannot say this is investment advise but I hope you will consider this for maximum preparedness.

And, since gardening is still high in the polling, lets talk about another preparation. Again, not investment advise. However, acquiring some heritage seeds would never be a bad move for hedging your bets.

Keep some cash on hand in case banks and ATM's are not operational. If, I needed to find a way to get cash, I would cash in my 401K, pull out of the stock market, sell unneeded items, moonlight, work overtime or any other legal means of obtaining cash.

After you get the necessities, such as food and water stocks in place, start working on a heat source such as a wood burning stove, water well, candles, batteries for your flashlights, first aid supplies, etc. There are many lists available for what should be needed and just work on these as funds allow.

Remember, many reliable sources point to a timeline of weeks and months, not years, before it may be hard, if not impossible to procure needed items. Start with whatever priorities fit your circumstances and, if possible, locate like-minded individuals to work with. It's always easier to have more, rather than less, folks to help each other in times of need.

And for those not like-minded types, it may be beneficial to have a reliable firearm or two with extra ammo on hand. Remember, even normally civil types to turn ugly when their loved ones are suffering and they haven't bothered to prepare. If they have the slightest idea that you have prepared, they will not hesitate to do whatever they can to keep the family alive at your expense.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy: my take

As you've probably heard, Ted Kennedy died today. So, the last of the three Kennedy brothers is now gone and I will now put to words something I have thought about for a long time.

The Kennedy brothers, with whatever you want to say negative about them, wielded a power that only the Kennedy name and mystique could. And they had some core ideas that went totally against the powers that be.

Probably the number one conspiracy theory, with the possible exception of the Roswell incident, is the President Kennedy assassination. Even those that are not prone to believing in conspiracies wonder about that one.

On a lessor note, Robert Kennedy's assassinations is considered to have been an "inside job" by many as well. One thing that the brother's have in common is that they tended to buck the system and go against certain powerful people and groups. Another is the great influence they had with the American people, let alone the rest of the world.

Now the story I am about to lay out, I will call fictitious, and I have not heard anyone else come up with this plot, although that seems odd to me because it almost cries out to be told.

So, at that point we have it, those two brothers out of the way and the lone Kennedy brother holding all of the clout that only a young, ambitious Kennedy could. How would this situation be likely to be viewed by those that have such a grand stake in their corrupt system not being upset as threatened by the other pesky two?

It seems very obvious that this one remaining brother could be a major thorn in the side to that all important control of those in power. So, the solution would be...? Why, of course it's to remove the problem, what else?

How is the problem to be removed in the most effective manner? Well, if he turns up dead, that would be just a little too much of a coincidence to swallow by most people, perhaps. And what's another method of neutralizing the problem? It's to destroy the man's credibility, therefore assuring that he will never be a threat.

Enter, the incident at Chappaquiddick. For those of you who don't remember, the car that Edward Kennedy was allegedly driving went off the road into the river in Chappaquiddick with a woman, who was not his wife, in the car. Tragically, she did not survive the accident.

And from that day forward, the incident managed to allow the utter and complete screwing of Americans to continue unabated. A brilliant, diabolical plan or an unfortunate accident? You be the judge. And that's my contribution as the work of "fiction" that has benefited a few for many decades.

Have the voters of Massachusets forgiven their favorite son or have they suspected that he was set up? I don't know but, whatever the answer is, once again circumstances have occurred that have served the status quo well at the expense of the great citizens of this country.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden Harvest and Preparation



I'm sure some of you are harvesting some wonderful edibles from your gardens by now and enjoying food unlike what is available from the local grocery store. I always hear how much better the produce tastes when it's homegrown and fresh from the garden.

  • One way to make your produce last longer is to get it into the fridge for at least a short period of time after harvest in order to draw out the field heat.

  • Onions and potatoes will keep in a cool dark place for a long time but other items keep better by just leaving them right in the crisper inside the fridge.

  • Wrap dry paper towel around produce and place in sealed plastic bags. Replace the paper towel every couple days or as it becomes damp. This can give you up to ten times the storage time before the food starts losing its freshnes.

  • This is the time of year to look back and take note of things that you might like to change about your garden. I have a place I found that I can get some sawdust and plan to mix that into my soil for next year. That will add a lot of texture and nourishment to the soil and will hold water longer evenly distributing it to the roots.

  • I have also seriously considered building raised beds to avoid having to bend over to tend the garden. This is great if you suffer from back pain, knee pain, hip pain, etc.

  • These should be about knee level for best results and can be done with just four boards or you can implement your own, more elaborate layouts. That way you won't have to bend much and won't need to stand on anything to reach the tops of most plants.

  • And what about putting up a small greenhouse or indoor gardening with lights. Solar lighting would be the best layout. That way you would always have food even if the electricity was to be compromised.

Also why not think about trying experimenting with a hydroponic system for a great way to save a considerable amount of water as well as time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The New Job Market

It's been the longstanding parental hope that our children will be able to fare better in their pursuit of the American dream than what we ourselves have been able to accomplish toward that end. However, we now will definitely have to reconsider that time-honored belief with what

I'll refer to as a Laurel and Hardy economy; "another fine mess they've gotten us into". Many of the country's foremost experts who choose to take a realistic view of our current economic conditions are reaching the same conclusions. Some of the evidence pointing to where we're going can be can be uncovered by looking to academia or, if not blinded by so much of the misinformation out there, by just plain old common sense:

At Northeastern University of Boston, recent research finds that college graduates working in jobs that require a degree are significantly down from last year.

To make matters worse, those that are lucky enough to even find any type of work will be required to occupy the jobs that normally would have gone to those with only a high school diploma, leaving those poor souls out in the cold, perhaps literally.

This problem has been increasing dramatically since the current decline in the economy has been underway and the trend shows no signs of weakening, not to mention anything resembling a reversal, any time in the not too distant future.

In fact, employers are reporting that they are expecting to hire 22 percent fewer graduating seniors in their chosen fields this year than last according to another study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

On top of this, 17 percent of surveyed firms say they will slash hiring even more starting as soon as the end of the summer.

Yale school of Management's labor economist, Lisa Kahn, has done a thorough job of summing it up this way. "The labor market consequences of graduating from college in a bad economy are large, negative and persistent.As pointed out in other places on my blog, the unemployment figures, which are bad enough, don't tell the whole story of our job market. The percentages that you see, which are supposed to indicate the level of unemployment not do not take into consideration many factors.

There are many ways that these numbers, as well as many others, are spun in order to present us with misleading information. The percentages that you see, which are supposed to indicate the level of unemployment not do not take into consideration many factors, of which these are just a few:

The underemployed. Those that take part-time work or minimum wage work when the higher paying job they had is dissolved.

Those that have run out of unemployment insurance benefits. They are no longer counted after they have reached the limited time period. They're just brushed under the rug at that point.
Young people who have not yet had a job and are unable to find work. They don't have the required time in that would enable them to receive benefits and, therefore to be counted.

Anyone who hasn't met the requirements to enable them to receive benefits. This would include people without the requisite number of weeks at their last job, for one. It would also include those that were turned down for benefits for whatever reason such as a person found to be at fault for a termination.

A spouse who needs to find work due to financial necessity after not working for a certain period of time for whatever reason. This would be a common occurrence in times of economic distress.

How our children will be able to survive, let alone to prosper, is dependent on our being able to have all of the information needed, not skewed figures that hide the real problem. And maybe we will need to re-think the ways we will define their prosperity.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bugging Out Of Your Home

Bugging out is a term that has come to the attention of the most astute survivalists who have the foresight to realize that escaping your own home may be necessary in the soon-to-be possible reality. With a scarcity of food and water, the tendency is for people to form large groups in order to gain the strength needed to overpower individuals or smaller groups. If you and your family become the target of members of these groups, known as zombies, you will need a good plan to implement in order to survive.

The best way to avoid the potential disaster you may encounter in this scenario is by escape, not confrontation. You will need somewhere to escape to and a way to get there safely. Pack a "bug out bag" and keep it light weight and handy. I will outline some basic ideas and you can fill in the blanks by using your imagination or doing further research as it is not within the scope of this article to cover in-depth detail. Imagine a marauding gang, going house to house trying to stay alive at the expense of others.

A very distinct possibility in the situation that may lie ahead for most. If you live in the woods, that is the best case scenario since you will have cover for your escape. Night vision goggles could come in handy also. Look around your domicile. What would be the most likely attack point and point of escape? What about alternative routes? Are there any things you can think of that could cause a distraction, giving you valuable time to get away? What about firecrackers with the fuses stuck in different length cigarettes that you can light to slow the time til ignition? Or cherry bombs you could lob?

These gangs will likely be armed so it may not help to use your guns except as a last resort. So, lets continue with the escape plan. If you have found a way out with cover, where are you going? Do you have to drive to the place? Is there a friend or relative within walking distance that you can get to? If not, it would be a good idea to have a bug out vehicle. This should stay gassed up, in good working order, parked where you can get to it and loaded with supplies you will need.

That way you won't be too much of a burden if you have to show up at someones place to hang out awhile. If you have a cottage or want to put up a large shed somewhere, stock it and lock it to use as your retreat and do everything you can to ensure that you will be able to get to it and stay awhile. The gangs might move on quickly but may be followed by others and you may have to stay away for an extended period.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Destroying the World

Years ago a very insightful soul once pointed out the obvious to me, which we tend to look past many times in our day to day lives. She said, look around, the world really is a pretty good place but it's just some people who tend to make it a very miserable one.
I'd have to agree.If you look around and if you can find any unspoiled areas, things usually look okay still on old mother earth. But when I was young I remember being able to drink the water from the river that was near us in northern Michigan with no ill effects. I wouldn't suggest doing that now thanks to the waste and pollution that has been disposed of in such a manner as to provide the most profits for the polluters.
That's due to an aspect of human nature that, when left unchecked, can run rampant and will most likely continue until it's too late.A potentially destructive form of human nature, this greed and the need to control can lead to behaviors by some that could bring about the complete downfall of society. Such as the influencing of governmental bodies by various means and by the creation and spreading of disinformation in order to enable the continuation of the practices.
And then there's the human nature of those being manipulated. This plays a major role in the perpetuation of these conditions. People normally tend to want to think that everything is going to continue as it has and they will close their minds to other ideas. This could be viewed as the ostrich with its head in the sand analogy.
Its up to those enlightened few who choose to hold their heads up, like the readers of this blog, to see things clearly enough and be brave enough to take steps before things are beyond repair, if that time hasn't passed already.Like those in Iran who are subjecting themselves to torture and death but continue protesting the corruption that is inside and outside of their borders.
These are some of the brave people who, like the founding fathers of this country, have refused to accept a type of slavery that most people don't even acknowledge or else totally deny. But with current conditions as they are, more and more are waking up to the manipulation and total corruption of the system they live under.
And it's the intent of those in charge to foster the dumbing down of humanity by any means possible in order to continue on.These underhanded methods being utilized allow them to recruit our friends and neighbors as unwitting allies. By understanding and taking actions that enable them to take advantage of human nature, they convince the average person that black is really
Breaking out of the box is never an easy task and convincing others that they are being played like a fiddle can be as daunting a task as teaching a pig to sing. But considering the alternative, it is a task we must undertake.Another very useful tool used extensively in the perpetuating of the paradigm is to label dissidents as crazy extremists and therefore nullifying their message. This works very well because the human nature of most of mankind creates an atmosphere where it actually sounds like it makes sense.
But as everything begins to crumble, as in current developments, it does not continue to be quite as easy of a task for those that seek to influence by trickery. Usually things have to become very bad in order to jar some folks free from their comfort zones. Human nature once again.
Many other methods are employed and there is a need to stay diligent in order to keep from being taken in by them. Case in point: Those that seek to control would label the type of thinking you find here as paranoid in hopes that doing so would cast it in a bad light and that those who are unaware would buy into it, thus propagating the continuation of the insidious journey down their sinister path.
For, as you can clearly deduce, those in charge of things are experts in human behavior and they study it extensively in order to use it in the most effective manner to forward the advancement of their agenda. Another recent approach is for the controllers to popularize something to the effect that anyone attempting to unveil these truths are simply playing the victim role. Can you see how the psychology of it all works? So, try not to be like the sheep they would like you to be. Then maybe we can avoid being herded off a cliff. But then again, these are just the musings of a crazy, paranoid, extremist. Or are they?