Thursday, June 18, 2009

Half Past Human

This is a site that I have used extensively to try and help negotiate the financial turmoil for my readers. In a nutshell, Cliff, the founder and Igor, his trusty sidekick, send spiders out on the web to gather information. This is then processed in order to come up with time lines for major events that will impact all of us.

The language found, or linguistics, contains hints of what is currently coming out of web content around the world and its role in the foretelling of future events. There is a more in-depth explaination at the website if you are interested. I know it sounds a little out there but their track record is nothing short of phenominal. So, take a gander at halfpasthuman and check it out. Other counties and government have been using similar programs for years with amazing results.

Recently they have restructured the program to come out with reports in a way that will furnish the information on a more regular basis. There is a small charge for the reports but I am in no way affiliated with the program. I am just interested in furnishing any and all information that will possibly help readers in any manner.

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