Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dental Conspiracy

I tried to get the following word out to more people by having posted on but it never got published. So I will post it here although the readership is much smaller. This is very important information for many people, if not personally, with a good possibility in the future.

"Hi George. Long time no talk (don't say "long time no care" like Archie Bunker when his relative came to visit). I have come across a problem that you might be interested in regarding periodontal disease. A cure exists for it but dentists are not willing to use it. Maybe because they think it will lose them business in the long run or they are ignorant to the facts.
It is possible to reverse with treatments of certain antibiotics at the right dosage in conjunction with cleanings called scaling and planning. However, when trying to find a dentist to prescribe them, it's like pulling teeth. (you aren't the only one with stupid puns.) The University of Detroit Dental School and others have done studies that show this treatment to work without a doubt and there is a lot on the Internet regarding such treatments.

I was able to finally find a dentist that prescribed doxyciline a few years back. He is now retired so I've searched the extensive list in the yellow pages but with no luck. Even with the inadequate amount he prescribed, the condition reversed itself until recently. Many have had to have teeth pulled because of this refusal of health care professionals to follow this proven method of treatment and I'm ticked off about it.

Maybe if this can be brought to the public forefront more people will demand to be cured and things can change. A simple course of two 500 milligram doses per day of tetracycline on an empty stomach for 30 days and thorough perio cleanings 2 weeks after starting followed by a diluted betadyne flush and no one would have to lose their teeth. The retired dentist never had a patient lose a tooth when treating in this manner. This should be standard procedure after the first signs of gingivitis appear. The ADA probably will not approve the treatment for obvious reasons but then, they'd love you to take another dose of fluoride."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Economic Recovery Notes

The economic recovery is being touted heavily in the main stream media but, beware, things don't look so great in reality. It's been said that unemployment lags behind in periods of recovery and that is why it is still so high. However, I think that is just an excuse being used to push the recovery theme this time.

More people seem to be doubting the claims that the recession is over but there are still a lot who are buying into it. This is unfortunate because the next downturn will take many by surprise and they will be totally unprepared.

Things may not look too bad for a lot of people in the coming months but it will become very apparent this year that there will be no bouncing back from the disaster that we have come upon. In fact, a total deterioration of society could come as soon as the next few months. It is very hard if not impossible to prepare for whatever form the crash will entail. But we know that food and water will be of primary concern with alternative forms of temperature control just as important.

Having hand tools, seeds, food preservation supplies and the means to protect yourselves is going to be important as things get worse. If you have anything left over, preserve it by keeping physical silver and/or gold on hand.