Monday, November 30, 2009

So You Think You Have Freedom?

Most people today are under the assumption that they live in a free country in the U. S. We have lived with unjust taxation and the rest of the crooked system since we were born so we don't know anything else. This coupled with all of the disinformation and manipulations keep even the most educated, intelligent people fooled.

If the only thing you ever knew was paper money with nothing backing it, you would naturally think that this was a fair way to live your life. In actuality it is all designed to control the masses by their masters. If they don't care about the starving poor enough to stop the current system what makes you think they will care about you when its your turn in the gutter?

And yet I hear constantly that the government will not let things get out of hand. They will magically step in and save everyone before things get too far out of control. This is all understandable, as I have said. People don't want to believe that their lives can change so drastically for the worse. And for as long as they remember, things have not been too bad in their minds.

It is the job of sites like this to try to get people out of this rut that their minds tend to stay in. It's too bad that most of the ones that read these kinds of blogs are the ones that already know what time it is, so to speak. The majority will not want to look into any of these matters and avoid or even ridicule anything other than what they want to believe.

But, even with this frustration, I keep writing for those like my friend the cabbie (see previous comment section) who see what is going on around the country and do not close their eyes to things, enabling the controllers to get away with their scams. Instead they stand as glowing examples of how all of us should open our eyes and expose the rats that go undetected, infecting humanity with their filth.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comex, Stock Market and Bank Lockdowns

Tomorrow is Monday and a new week of trading and banking. It has been projected that this might be the day to watch for markets and banks by the end of the day. Although a month late, the bank lockdowns may be happening by the end of the day.

If not, don't think that it won't happen. Because once you let your guard down, that's usually when the unexpected happen. And sometime in 2010, without much of a doubt, the economy will take a dump in many people's opinion.

It will be better to have your money out of markets and banks and put them in later if you want to, than to be caught unprepared and lose your means of support. I have heard stories last year of people not securing their assets because they percieved that it would be embarrassing to them to do so and then ended up losing up to a third in the Oct. 2008 crash.

There are places to discern what is about to happen if you aren't afraid of looking foolish. Or you can try to appear "normal" to your peers and end up losing your lifeline. So, you could end up starving but still fit in with those that buy in to the "party line" for fear of being branded a kook.

I, myself, would rather not see my family suffer and be labeled a nut job if it turns out to be a false alarm.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trends Leading to Need to Survive Financial Depression

The Dow is rising but don't get too excited. The trends lead me to believe that it is a final attempt at a last gasp for the economy. The dollar is down, unemployment is high, gold and silver are way up and energy and food are about to shoot through the roof.

Do not take this as financial advice but only trend research and a little common sense thrown in. The new money printing that is going to get underway for more bailouts and designed to curb deflation always has the effect of inflation and that will most likely appear in 2010. By this time next year, we will almost assuredly be living in a world unimaginable by most.

It may be best to increase preparations as allowed by each family the best they can. I bought a new shotgun since I figure the money will be worth less the longer I waited. I was also able to use it deer hunting and they are also good for small game and home protection or as a deterrence. The ammo may also be valuable as a barter item, if needed.

Don't be tempted to sell your gold or silver if you have some and don't need the money. They may go down temporarily but the trend will be up up and away I think. Food, water and heat will most likely be important to have available in the coming months more so than anything. Most of you know this but sometimes its good to just have a little reminder.

Its been said that only 15% of the population can see what's ahead. By visiting sites like this, you are most likely in that group. But trying to convince the other 85% seems to be a exercise in this time at least. A lot of that could be due to the lack of coverage by main stream media and glossing over or actually covering up the reality of the situation.

But by taking a little time and having an open mind, there is much to be gleaned in support of these ideas. Best of luck to all and keep in touch. This blog has made next to nothing in proceeds since the beginning but I will try to continue to bring useful articles as long as possible because I truly have compassion for all unlike unlike many responsible for the current and future messes. And this is my small way of trying to help.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Survival Can Be A Matter Of Changing Customs

First, if you bought gold when suggested here, you should be happy with the all time highs. If not, you could buy on dips or get silver. I have heard .22 bullets would be good for barter also and food that can be stored for extended periods is still a good bet. I can't give financial advice but I just think those will still be good moves.

Today I read about the increase of rats due to conditions in many areas. Although considered bad news, lets look at the positive here. Some countries consider the rat a delicacy. If push comes to shove, it may be a matter of life and death to overcome some of the preconceived notions we have about food.

In the old country, nothing is wasted. The tongue and other parts of the cow and lamb are eaten regularly. Some Mexican restaurants serve beef tongue tacos and, seriously they are actually better than the beef and chicken ones. It is very tender with a really good flavor.

As kids, we ate tongue sandwiches with mustard all the time. We also had stomach stuffed with rice, fried brains, and other dishes not normally enjoyed here. We think nothing of it but I know it would not be tolerated by most here. However, that might need to change if living is a priority. I wonder if we could be hypnotized into getting over the ideas about certain foods.

That could be a business in the future. Food aversion therapy. We could all be enjoying fried maggots and grasshoppers together. If you use my idea please send a percentage of your profits along. I will accept payment in pig hooves, fish heads and kidneys packed on dry ice if money is not an option.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here It Comes?

Have we dodged the bullet with the economy? Don't count on it and don't put your money back in the bank/market etc., i.e. don't trust paper assets at this time. Nothing here is financial advice, but only my opinion and the opinion of others in the know.

The next week or two will probably lead to circumstances that are not condusive with playing the markets including holding precious metal, energy or food commodities or stocks, although those will probably do better than others.

But if you would have gotten physical gold back when it was first suggested here, you are probably staying ahead of 99.9% of the rest of the people. If you haven't checked, gold has been breaking records for all time highs lately.

I still feel that gold and especially silver is undervalued even at the current higher prices. That is not to say that there may not be a temporary downturn in the prices before going higher yet.

The dollar on the other hand has gone down some but nothing like what will be coming up. Certain hard assets may therefore be one of the best things to do with money at this time other than your hoard that will get you through the downturn/crash/end of the world as we know it.

It may happen quick or it may be a long, drawn out affair, your guess is as good as mine but the changes most assuredly lie in our near future. I would say things will be extremely bad by around this spring or summer at the latest but could start heading down as soon as the next few days.

Whatever the timeline, it is looking like this is it no matter what the official BS is that is being touted. I hope this helps some of you prepare and enables you to get some assistance to make it through the very rough next few months or more likely years.

So stay tuned here and the other recommended places for updates and don't rely on the regular news sources or you are bound to find yourself in a very poor position when it hits