Sunday, November 29, 2009

Comex, Stock Market and Bank Lockdowns

Tomorrow is Monday and a new week of trading and banking. It has been projected that this might be the day to watch for markets and banks by the end of the day. Although a month late, the bank lockdowns may be happening by the end of the day.

If not, don't think that it won't happen. Because once you let your guard down, that's usually when the unexpected happen. And sometime in 2010, without much of a doubt, the economy will take a dump in many people's opinion.

It will be better to have your money out of markets and banks and put them in later if you want to, than to be caught unprepared and lose your means of support. I have heard stories last year of people not securing their assets because they percieved that it would be embarrassing to them to do so and then ended up losing up to a third in the Oct. 2008 crash.

There are places to discern what is about to happen if you aren't afraid of looking foolish. Or you can try to appear "normal" to your peers and end up losing your lifeline. So, you could end up starving but still fit in with those that buy in to the "party line" for fear of being branded a kook.

I, myself, would rather not see my family suffer and be labeled a nut job if it turns out to be a false alarm.

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  1. I agree with you. I do not believe the economy is really on the upswing or will be for quite some time. I took a 500 mile trip this weekend and only saw 2 homes under construction. I see no new neighborhoods springing up in the Houston area and only sporadic individual construction.I notice large car dealerships with really very few vehicles on the lot.I also notice some large empty lots that were thriving dealerships a year or two back. I really do think you are right and we are in for a severe crash. Could the times we live in now be considered boom times down the road? I hope we are overly pessimistic, but I don't think so.