Monday, August 31, 2009

Recent Blog and Conspiracy Developments

This blog has encountered some problems as of late that are of some concern. For reasons unknown, traffic has fallen off from close to 100 hits per day to around 20. I will keep posting important information in these next few months that will mark the beginning of the end. I want to keep the information flow open for the regular, loyal readers because it can literally make the difference between life and death in surviving the upcoming catastrophe. However it may be necessary to apply my limited time elsewhere if this current project/experiment proves to be unproductive.

Having gotten that rant out of the way, here's another one. Conspiracy theories have been around for as long as humans have populated the planet but recently they have been coming to a head for many. A lot of people who used to ridicule them are being prodded or forced to lend more credence to them in what is quickly being viewed as a drastic shaking up of the status quo.

For example, tonight is the airing of a program on the mainstream National Geographic Channel during prime time portraying the indisputable facts that the events of 9/11 do not add up in support of the official version of that terrible day. As unbelievable as it seems, if one is open minded enough to take time to consider everything, there would be no way to conclude that we were told the truth about what went down on that fateful day.

How long can the public be convinced that all of the facts put forth by the most upstanding of experts are somehow a fantasy and delusions of unstable minds? How is it that we can not fathom that those with the ability to put together the most convoluted trickery would ever stoop to such levels for their own benefit? Are we too trusting and unable to consider that anyone would ever manipulate mankind for personal gain? Are we naive? Or do we find it impossible that anyone would act in such a lowly manner because we, ourselves would never proceed as such?

That's what they count on and, so far, it has worked out just perfectly for them. And we are their unwitting accomplices, just as they figured we would be. And why not? They have had since the beginning to connive and figure out the best methods to use in order to pull it all off.

But through forums such as National Geographic and this site, people should be waking up to the reality of the situation. At least that is my vision. Lets just hope that it is not too late by the time enough of us finally come around and take the actions required in order to make the necessary changes.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Survival Tips for Preppers Facing Economic Depression 2

For the first time a category in this site's poll has been matched in requesting articles on gardening. This category is survival tips. These developments are to be expected in the coming weeks with the second great depression kicking in to high gear as well as the gardening season winding down.

By the end of next month many will be seeking survival tips and by a month after that things will be in full swing. I was able to get a few eagle coins today and I suggest that anyone wanting to be prepared do the same as your ability allows. This is the number one tip to everyone at this time. I cannot say this is investment advise but I hope you will consider this for maximum preparedness.

And, since gardening is still high in the polling, lets talk about another preparation. Again, not investment advise. However, acquiring some heritage seeds would never be a bad move for hedging your bets.

Keep some cash on hand in case banks and ATM's are not operational. If, I needed to find a way to get cash, I would cash in my 401K, pull out of the stock market, sell unneeded items, moonlight, work overtime or any other legal means of obtaining cash.

After you get the necessities, such as food and water stocks in place, start working on a heat source such as a wood burning stove, water well, candles, batteries for your flashlights, first aid supplies, etc. There are many lists available for what should be needed and just work on these as funds allow.

Remember, many reliable sources point to a timeline of weeks and months, not years, before it may be hard, if not impossible to procure needed items. Start with whatever priorities fit your circumstances and, if possible, locate like-minded individuals to work with. It's always easier to have more, rather than less, folks to help each other in times of need.

And for those not like-minded types, it may be beneficial to have a reliable firearm or two with extra ammo on hand. Remember, even normally civil types to turn ugly when their loved ones are suffering and they haven't bothered to prepare. If they have the slightest idea that you have prepared, they will not hesitate to do whatever they can to keep the family alive at your expense.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy: my take

As you've probably heard, Ted Kennedy died today. So, the last of the three Kennedy brothers is now gone and I will now put to words something I have thought about for a long time.

The Kennedy brothers, with whatever you want to say negative about them, wielded a power that only the Kennedy name and mystique could. And they had some core ideas that went totally against the powers that be.

Probably the number one conspiracy theory, with the possible exception of the Roswell incident, is the President Kennedy assassination. Even those that are not prone to believing in conspiracies wonder about that one.

On a lessor note, Robert Kennedy's assassinations is considered to have been an "inside job" by many as well. One thing that the brother's have in common is that they tended to buck the system and go against certain powerful people and groups. Another is the great influence they had with the American people, let alone the rest of the world.

Now the story I am about to lay out, I will call fictitious, and I have not heard anyone else come up with this plot, although that seems odd to me because it almost cries out to be told.

So, at that point we have it, those two brothers out of the way and the lone Kennedy brother holding all of the clout that only a young, ambitious Kennedy could. How would this situation be likely to be viewed by those that have such a grand stake in their corrupt system not being upset as threatened by the other pesky two?

It seems very obvious that this one remaining brother could be a major thorn in the side to that all important control of those in power. So, the solution would be...? Why, of course it's to remove the problem, what else?

How is the problem to be removed in the most effective manner? Well, if he turns up dead, that would be just a little too much of a coincidence to swallow by most people, perhaps. And what's another method of neutralizing the problem? It's to destroy the man's credibility, therefore assuring that he will never be a threat.

Enter, the incident at Chappaquiddick. For those of you who don't remember, the car that Edward Kennedy was allegedly driving went off the road into the river in Chappaquiddick with a woman, who was not his wife, in the car. Tragically, she did not survive the accident.

And from that day forward, the incident managed to allow the utter and complete screwing of Americans to continue unabated. A brilliant, diabolical plan or an unfortunate accident? You be the judge. And that's my contribution as the work of "fiction" that has benefited a few for many decades.

Have the voters of Massachusets forgiven their favorite son or have they suspected that he was set up? I don't know but, whatever the answer is, once again circumstances have occurred that have served the status quo well at the expense of the great citizens of this country.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden Harvest and Preparation



I'm sure some of you are harvesting some wonderful edibles from your gardens by now and enjoying food unlike what is available from the local grocery store. I always hear how much better the produce tastes when it's homegrown and fresh from the garden.

  • One way to make your produce last longer is to get it into the fridge for at least a short period of time after harvest in order to draw out the field heat.

  • Onions and potatoes will keep in a cool dark place for a long time but other items keep better by just leaving them right in the crisper inside the fridge.

  • Wrap dry paper towel around produce and place in sealed plastic bags. Replace the paper towel every couple days or as it becomes damp. This can give you up to ten times the storage time before the food starts losing its freshnes.

  • This is the time of year to look back and take note of things that you might like to change about your garden. I have a place I found that I can get some sawdust and plan to mix that into my soil for next year. That will add a lot of texture and nourishment to the soil and will hold water longer evenly distributing it to the roots.

  • I have also seriously considered building raised beds to avoid having to bend over to tend the garden. This is great if you suffer from back pain, knee pain, hip pain, etc.

  • These should be about knee level for best results and can be done with just four boards or you can implement your own, more elaborate layouts. That way you won't have to bend much and won't need to stand on anything to reach the tops of most plants.

  • And what about putting up a small greenhouse or indoor gardening with lights. Solar lighting would be the best layout. That way you would always have food even if the electricity was to be compromised.

Also why not think about trying experimenting with a hydroponic system for a great way to save a considerable amount of water as well as time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The New Job Market

It's been the longstanding parental hope that our children will be able to fare better in their pursuit of the American dream than what we ourselves have been able to accomplish toward that end. However, we now will definitely have to reconsider that time-honored belief with what

I'll refer to as a Laurel and Hardy economy; "another fine mess they've gotten us into". Many of the country's foremost experts who choose to take a realistic view of our current economic conditions are reaching the same conclusions. Some of the evidence pointing to where we're going can be can be uncovered by looking to academia or, if not blinded by so much of the misinformation out there, by just plain old common sense:

At Northeastern University of Boston, recent research finds that college graduates working in jobs that require a degree are significantly down from last year.

To make matters worse, those that are lucky enough to even find any type of work will be required to occupy the jobs that normally would have gone to those with only a high school diploma, leaving those poor souls out in the cold, perhaps literally.

This problem has been increasing dramatically since the current decline in the economy has been underway and the trend shows no signs of weakening, not to mention anything resembling a reversal, any time in the not too distant future.

In fact, employers are reporting that they are expecting to hire 22 percent fewer graduating seniors in their chosen fields this year than last according to another study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

On top of this, 17 percent of surveyed firms say they will slash hiring even more starting as soon as the end of the summer.

Yale school of Management's labor economist, Lisa Kahn, has done a thorough job of summing it up this way. "The labor market consequences of graduating from college in a bad economy are large, negative and persistent.As pointed out in other places on my blog, the unemployment figures, which are bad enough, don't tell the whole story of our job market. The percentages that you see, which are supposed to indicate the level of unemployment not do not take into consideration many factors.

There are many ways that these numbers, as well as many others, are spun in order to present us with misleading information. The percentages that you see, which are supposed to indicate the level of unemployment not do not take into consideration many factors, of which these are just a few:

The underemployed. Those that take part-time work or minimum wage work when the higher paying job they had is dissolved.

Those that have run out of unemployment insurance benefits. They are no longer counted after they have reached the limited time period. They're just brushed under the rug at that point.
Young people who have not yet had a job and are unable to find work. They don't have the required time in that would enable them to receive benefits and, therefore to be counted.

Anyone who hasn't met the requirements to enable them to receive benefits. This would include people without the requisite number of weeks at their last job, for one. It would also include those that were turned down for benefits for whatever reason such as a person found to be at fault for a termination.

A spouse who needs to find work due to financial necessity after not working for a certain period of time for whatever reason. This would be a common occurrence in times of economic distress.

How our children will be able to survive, let alone to prosper, is dependent on our being able to have all of the information needed, not skewed figures that hide the real problem. And maybe we will need to re-think the ways we will define their prosperity.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bugging Out Of Your Home

Bugging out is a term that has come to the attention of the most astute survivalists who have the foresight to realize that escaping your own home may be necessary in the soon-to-be possible reality. With a scarcity of food and water, the tendency is for people to form large groups in order to gain the strength needed to overpower individuals or smaller groups. If you and your family become the target of members of these groups, known as zombies, you will need a good plan to implement in order to survive.

The best way to avoid the potential disaster you may encounter in this scenario is by escape, not confrontation. You will need somewhere to escape to and a way to get there safely. Pack a "bug out bag" and keep it light weight and handy. I will outline some basic ideas and you can fill in the blanks by using your imagination or doing further research as it is not within the scope of this article to cover in-depth detail. Imagine a marauding gang, going house to house trying to stay alive at the expense of others.

A very distinct possibility in the situation that may lie ahead for most. If you live in the woods, that is the best case scenario since you will have cover for your escape. Night vision goggles could come in handy also. Look around your domicile. What would be the most likely attack point and point of escape? What about alternative routes? Are there any things you can think of that could cause a distraction, giving you valuable time to get away? What about firecrackers with the fuses stuck in different length cigarettes that you can light to slow the time til ignition? Or cherry bombs you could lob?

These gangs will likely be armed so it may not help to use your guns except as a last resort. So, lets continue with the escape plan. If you have found a way out with cover, where are you going? Do you have to drive to the place? Is there a friend or relative within walking distance that you can get to? If not, it would be a good idea to have a bug out vehicle. This should stay gassed up, in good working order, parked where you can get to it and loaded with supplies you will need.

That way you won't be too much of a burden if you have to show up at someones place to hang out awhile. If you have a cottage or want to put up a large shed somewhere, stock it and lock it to use as your retreat and do everything you can to ensure that you will be able to get to it and stay awhile. The gangs might move on quickly but may be followed by others and you may have to stay away for an extended period.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Destroying the World

Years ago a very insightful soul once pointed out the obvious to me, which we tend to look past many times in our day to day lives. She said, look around, the world really is a pretty good place but it's just some people who tend to make it a very miserable one.
I'd have to agree.If you look around and if you can find any unspoiled areas, things usually look okay still on old mother earth. But when I was young I remember being able to drink the water from the river that was near us in northern Michigan with no ill effects. I wouldn't suggest doing that now thanks to the waste and pollution that has been disposed of in such a manner as to provide the most profits for the polluters.
That's due to an aspect of human nature that, when left unchecked, can run rampant and will most likely continue until it's too late.A potentially destructive form of human nature, this greed and the need to control can lead to behaviors by some that could bring about the complete downfall of society. Such as the influencing of governmental bodies by various means and by the creation and spreading of disinformation in order to enable the continuation of the practices.
And then there's the human nature of those being manipulated. This plays a major role in the perpetuation of these conditions. People normally tend to want to think that everything is going to continue as it has and they will close their minds to other ideas. This could be viewed as the ostrich with its head in the sand analogy.
Its up to those enlightened few who choose to hold their heads up, like the readers of this blog, to see things clearly enough and be brave enough to take steps before things are beyond repair, if that time hasn't passed already.Like those in Iran who are subjecting themselves to torture and death but continue protesting the corruption that is inside and outside of their borders.
These are some of the brave people who, like the founding fathers of this country, have refused to accept a type of slavery that most people don't even acknowledge or else totally deny. But with current conditions as they are, more and more are waking up to the manipulation and total corruption of the system they live under.
And it's the intent of those in charge to foster the dumbing down of humanity by any means possible in order to continue on.These underhanded methods being utilized allow them to recruit our friends and neighbors as unwitting allies. By understanding and taking actions that enable them to take advantage of human nature, they convince the average person that black is really
Breaking out of the box is never an easy task and convincing others that they are being played like a fiddle can be as daunting a task as teaching a pig to sing. But considering the alternative, it is a task we must undertake.Another very useful tool used extensively in the perpetuating of the paradigm is to label dissidents as crazy extremists and therefore nullifying their message. This works very well because the human nature of most of mankind creates an atmosphere where it actually sounds like it makes sense.
But as everything begins to crumble, as in current developments, it does not continue to be quite as easy of a task for those that seek to influence by trickery. Usually things have to become very bad in order to jar some folks free from their comfort zones. Human nature once again.
Many other methods are employed and there is a need to stay diligent in order to keep from being taken in by them. Case in point: Those that seek to control would label the type of thinking you find here as paranoid in hopes that doing so would cast it in a bad light and that those who are unaware would buy into it, thus propagating the continuation of the insidious journey down their sinister path.
For, as you can clearly deduce, those in charge of things are experts in human behavior and they study it extensively in order to use it in the most effective manner to forward the advancement of their agenda. Another recent approach is for the controllers to popularize something to the effect that anyone attempting to unveil these truths are simply playing the victim role. Can you see how the psychology of it all works? So, try not to be like the sheep they would like you to be. Then maybe we can avoid being herded off a cliff. But then again, these are just the musings of a crazy, paranoid, extremist. Or are they?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Positive Outcomes to the Current Disaster

The rainbow and the waterfall is a symbolic rendition of the article today. We are going to look at washing out the old ways and finding our pot of gold. Its hard to be positive when we are in the beginning stages of a terrible depression such is the case at this time. But I determined to find something positive to write about without being impractical and this is what I came up with.

All other sites I have seen that attempted to put out something positive focused on airy, fairy concepts or unrealistic points. I think I have come up with something good to look forward to for all of us, other than the few who will lose their grip on the masses. Some are finally admitting that the economic disaster will most likely last until 2011. However, that implies that everything will return to normal in a couple of years. Fortunately, that will not be the case.

I say fortunately because going back to the old ways would only set up the same scenario over and over again. Not to mention all of the negative aspects associated with the way things have been run up until now.

The word paradigm refers to a the set of circumstances followed by societies. The current paradigm that we have been in for much too long is not going to be around after this shake out is all over. So, you may as well get used to the fact that things will not return to how they were in two years, or ever for that matter.

But this as a good thing. A good thing for 99.9% of the people and the earth itself, that is. The beneficiaries of the old paradigm would not see it that way though. Off course not. They are the behind the scenes creators of everything that is wrong with the world. And everything about it is created for their benefit at the extreme expense of all of us.

In this, the way things have been operating, peoples' lives have no value except for the benefit that they might bring to the few. Suffering and death are profitable. The destruction of the earth may be of short term benefit to some also and so this is pursued systematically.

So, try to prepare to get through the worst of it and remember, much better times than you can probably imagine are ahead of us.

Fight Recession With Your Savings

The following is the next in the series of guest posts:

It is important to equip yourself financially when you know that you are reeling under a recession. Recession has been seeping into the economy for quite sometime and if you realized that, you should be preparing for the rainy day. It’s all about your savings! How well you can manage your cash so that you don’t have to borrow from Paul to pay off Peter.

With the ongoing recession, you cannot claim that you have a secured job. Since employers all over the world are on a cost cutting spree, many have lost their jobs due to the downsizing and you may be in queue! So, have you thought about the consequences of losing your job? The situation is still worse if you have many family members to depend on you.

However, it is never late and you can bring about a change in the manner in which you handle your finances if you want your financial stability to change for the better. Cost cutting and prioritizing your expenses is the mantra of your financial success.

Save from your active income
It is important that you live within your means. Try to strike a balance between your income and your expenses. It has been observed that majority of the consumers that fall into debt are unable to balance their incoming as well as outgoing cash. After you have kept aside cash for meeting your monthly financial obligations, make sure you keep aside few dollars to build up an emergency fund.

Save from your passive income
In addition to your active source of income, if you have a passive source of income too, try to make the best use of the proceeds of the same so that it can help you when you are cash strapped in future. Your passive source of income can be from profits you earn by investing in any form of investment vehicle. It can be trading currencies in the forex market or trading stocks in the stock market.

Studies reveal that there are many consumers that have used proceeds of different forms of trading for paying off debts and for saving for the rainy day. You can do it too. Financial experts are of the opinion that it won’t be before 2011 when the economy will have recovered fully. So, when uncertainty rules, your best weapon to fight recession and tame financial stalemate are your savings.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garden Tips Ahead on Poll

I guess I'm writing about gardening since you have voted for it over twice as many times as the other choices on the poll (upper left of screen). But first I have to say that the economy needs some attention since we are getting close to the predictive linguistic timeline for the next downward slide. So, before I go off on the garden tips, just make sure that you have adjusted your finances and stocked some supplies away. And don't forget to keep at least a couple months worth of cash on hand in case of bank closures.

As far as my garden goes here in the central part of the lower peninsula of Michigan, the broccoli is getting pretty good sized, although not ready for harvest just yet. Squash, corn, onions, potatoes and tomatoes as well as some other crops are coming along well also. Some tomatoes have been harvested of the early variety and others are bearing a lot of large green fruit. Those are being left on the vine to ripen and are propped up by cages so as not to let the fruit touch the ground. If that happens, you will end up with bad spots wherever they are touching.

The replants of early peas, radishes and other crops are sprouted and should be ready before the first frost, although it has been a colder than usual summer in this area. Tomorrow will be the third day since we had some big rainstorms so it will be about the time to start back with the watering schedule about every other day or so.

Weeding has had to be put on hold some due to other activities going on here but it doesn't seem to be affecting the growth of the vegetables very much. Bugs have not been too bad of a problem but I did have to spray with a mixture of Basic H (a natural Shaklee product) and water as directed on the instructions. This will get rid of the bugs where needed without adding any harmful chemicals to your food. It is a little expensive, about $12 dollars per bottle, but you only use a tiny bit mixed with water and it can be used for dozens of other uses such as cleaning and to spray on skin as an insect repellent also. It even clears pipes if used to wash dishes.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Politics, Preppers, Paradigms, Survivalists, The Economy, And Another Great Depression

Back in the early 80's my sociology professor taught that there needed to be a dismantling of the central powers and for people to operate on a local basis. I think it was pretty good of him to see this and put it out for young minds to try and digest. However, many of the classmates labeled him as loony back then. A lot of people still need to change their tune and it may take the coming events to facilitate the paradigm shift. We here are like minded but it is mind boggling how many others are still stuck and clueless. Maybe Universe has to take drastic measures to shake them free from delusions.

Even before that, in the early 70's a lot of us knew the system was broken and were willing to try to do something to help fix it. But that was short-lived. Things quickly went right back to the same old same old. The paradigm continued but now it's quickly coming to the end of the road for the old ways. And those that once believed there could be a better way will need to once again renew their ideas of a peaceful change.

It will not be an easy road and many will not make it. That is actually part of the plan; to decrease the population. There are many that are on to the many dastardly methods and plans to be used against humanity. However, most are still totally in the dark and refuse to see what is now beginning to unfold. But the coming events will force their eyes to open and shake off the beliefs that have been ingrained in them by others.

Are you awake and aware of what is going on behind the scenes but right in front of your eyes? How long will it take for you to realize the truth? What will it take and what will have to happen before you finally wake up? I urge you to start seeking and discovering those truths beyond what the 6 o'clock news or the daily rag of your choice attempts to blind you with. For it will be those that become aware and prepare that will come out the best in the coming months and years.

Keep coming back for updates and tips to help you, your family and your community and I will attempt to bring you information to help in the best way possible. Because it is exactly as that professor taught so many years ago. We are at the late stages of what is referred to as democracy and the universe will shake out what needs to be changed one way or another. It will be a painful time for many but a necessary process in order to end the current paradigm that has gone on much too long already.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Survival For Preppers In Depression Number Two

Depression number two is actually here now but due to different circumstances and number manipulations, it isn't apparent to most people. However, after this month and next, it will become more and more obvious to more people.

As talked about before on this site, the bank closings of the Great Depression counted one bank per closing and now a bank closing includes many branches and atm's that aren't counted. Many use the false numbers to bolster the opinion that we can't be in a depression because bank closings aren't high enough. But, as you can see, this is not true.

Unemployment is also said to be lower but when the real numbers are compared, it includes people out of work that don't show up in the officical figures. These and other markers show us to be much worse off than the media and politicians would have you believe. However, the truth can not be contained and covered up much longer.

By the last week of October, things will have unraveled to the point that it will be obvious to even the most die hard ostiches with their heads in the sand. And it will most likely continue for at least the next couple years or more, contrary to what we will surely be told. How bad could it get? You might not want to know.

I have talked to some that think it will be so bad that they plan to save some of their ammo to use on themselves in case their suffering gets unbearable. Wow, that says a lot. And these aren't some crazies, just normal people like you and I.

Who do we blame for the mess we are getting in? You can blame politicains but you can't lay it on just one party, it would have to be bipartisan blame. You could blame it on media. Or the Fed. The truth is that all of these and others would shoulder some of the blame. But they are only controlled by their masters, the ultra rich, the lobbiests, special interests.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Will You Survive The Credit Crunch?

Guest post # 2.

It is not unknown to us that the credit crunch has made our finances go haywire. And if you have a bad credit rating, it will take a long time for you to regain your credibility and become a lender’s favorite. Now that the economy is already reeling under recession, there is no point in complaining but it is important to take the situation in your stride. Well, that is what majority of the households in United States have been doing, wrestling with the credit crunch and the subsequent aftermath.

If you are facing a financial stalemate and it is becoming difficult for you to make the minimum payments each month, it is time that you address your financial needs at the earliest. And if you have a mortgage payment to make, make sure you continue paying for it at least because you cannot afford to lose your shelter.

So, how can you juggle your finances? You will have to curtail few expenses that can be deferred or avoided. Shed the frills and the fancies from your everyday life. To survive the credit crunch it is important to live within your means. If you are having too many debts and you are finding it difficult to manage them, without wasting time talk to a credit counselor that can help you to take the right decision. The credit counselor will help you to budget your finances and allocate cash for your monthly financial obligations. In order that your finances become streamlined, you have to be prepared to compromise. This has become more important because recession has also led to unemployment and you will have to manage your finances in such a way that can sustain you for few days even if you have to give up your job.

If you have many unsecured debts to deal with and you want to get professional help, try out one of the debt relief options that can help you to survive the credit crunch and will also put your finances back on track.

The different debt relief options are debt consolidation, debt management, debt settlement, credit counseling and bankruptcy. In case you enroll for one of the debt help options, you will get to enjoy reduced interest rate and lower monthly payments. You will also get a new repayment plan according to which you can make your monthly payments. Consumers usually opt for bankruptcy as the last resort when all other debt help options have failed to yield results. If you file bankruptcy, your credit score gets damaged greatly. Once you file bankruptcy, it stays on your credit report for a period of 7 to 10 years. So, before you reach a point where bankruptcy is your only alternative, address your financial needs wisely.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seven Techniques to Survive Severe Debt Problems

Here is the guest post that I promised you. It is one in a series being submitted on debt management by an excellent author and friend. I'm sure you will find this series informative and interesting. To view my regular articles, click "older posts" at the bottom right, select articles from the archives in the sidebar on left, or do a search in the google search bar in the top of the sidebar. Please take the poll while here, also in the top of the sidebar. Tune in for the other articles in the rest of the series coming soon to get the complete story from Emily Scott. So,here it is. Enjoy:

Seven Techniques to Survive Severe Debt Problems

With the troubled state of global economy, more and more people are suffering from intolerable debt burdens. If you are going through severe debt problems, you must take time to realize the causes and know how to figure out a solution.

The three main reasons for severe debt problems are unforeseen medical expenses, unemployment and divorce. There is a variety of other reasons of major debt problems comprising everything starting from college education to gambling. Though going for college education is an important investment, it is a shocking fact that average graduates begin adulthood with a student loan debt of around $22,700. In the domain of gambling, according to the New York Times, the amount of debt acquired by an average problem gambler in 2004 is $17,000 with an average income of $35,000.

Though people cannot get rid of unpredicted events all the time, they can follow particular techniques to reduce the chance of serious debt problems:

Consider options: Higher education is a valuable investment, but how to get it is important. A lot of students can minimize expenses by staying at home at the time of going to school or going to a reasonable community college for a period of two years and subsequently shifting to a more reputable four-year college.

Plan beforehand with insurance: Prior to the occurrence of a health condition, try to get the most suitable insurance policy. Once you pay the deductible, you should look for a high lifetime coverage with maximum benefits. One expensive sickness can wipe out up to $1 million before you understand it.

Know the truth: If you have debts that are escalating as a result of an injury or severe illness that accumulates hospital bills or makes you jobless, gather all your bills to precisely know how much you’re obliged to pay. Then question every creditor regarding payment plans.

Rescale your standard of living: Even though you expect that you would shortly pick up from a financial hardship like divorce, unemployment or a severe illness, instantly rescale your standards of living so that you can live within your present means. Don’t pile up needless debt through intending to pay it off with tomorrow’s income.

Get rid of harmful habits: If you feel that you have an addiction towards gambling, you must know that your leisure can destroy you. Take advices from your doctor or look for other resources to settle what can turn out to be a severe trouble for you.

Pay important bills in the beginning: The most significant payment that you should make is your mortgage payment. If you lag behind on this, your home can be taken away. Subsequently, prioritize other forms of secured debt like an automobile loan and other unsecured debts like credit card debt.

Select debt help cautiously: If you can’t solve your problems with your creditors on your own and require professional assistance to carry out negotiations on your behalf, make sure that you work with a prestigious debt settlement company. Look out for hidden costs.

Suffering from a huge amount of debt can be intimidating. If you’re unable to handle debt or other difficulties single-handedly, think about looking for assistance. No matter what way you go to get out of debt and move ahead in life, understand that you’re not the only one. With time and endeavor, you can have a promising future.

Gardening Articles are in the Lead

From my poll I see that gardening has gained the most votes so far, although the sample is small. (Please take the poll on the left.) I'll write a short article about my latest gardening tip and experiences today and then go on to write about the second and third choices in the next couple days since they are really close.

I am thinking about re-seeding the areas of my garden that haven't produced as of yet. I figure if something hasn't come up by now, it's not going to. I am putting in now according to where my sprinklers hit when just left in one spot and turned on.

That saves time moving sprinklers around. I have two hoses coming off of the one hose that is connected to the spigot. I have found the get more coverage from the back and forth type sprinkler than the ones that go around and they seem to last a little longer before breaking down. I'm sure they are manufactured to break just like cars and other items in order to sell more.

Check the seed packs for time til harvest. I'm in the north so I don't have up to 60 days to wait for slow growing vegetables like onions before the frost. I have put in radishes and early peas a couple days ago and they will have time to come up this fall.

Note: I had to partially bury a 2 foot by 2 inch pipe in next to my apple tree because the water was not reaching the roots. My Grandmother checked it when she visited yesterday and could tell by the leaves that the water was staying too close to the surface and she told me of the pipe trick. After 90 some years of gardening, I tend to listen to her.

Next year I will be letting parts of the garden grow over and reshaping the whole thing. As I said, mark where your sprinklers reach and form your next garden to this size and shape. It saves a lot of water (money for me with city water) and time. I may have the brother in law help put in a well for watering and, as a duel purpose source for when survival becomes an issue, which may be very soon.

Speaking of saving money, when I gave Grandma a small bag of potatoes, she said that that same amount was four dollars at the farm market she went to. It was only a couple handfuls of potatoes, so hopefully you are saving a lot with your garden starting to produce now.

Send comments if you have questions and I will answer within a day or two. Don't forget to fertilize and don't let the dry type touch the plants if that's what you use. I'm sending grow vibrations to all of your vegetable plants so they should continue doing well or start getting better immediately : )