Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Survival Garden Vegetable Harvest


Some of the vegetables in Michigan are ready to eat already. I dug some good potatoes today. If you planted them early enough, some of the leaves will have withered and turned brown, a sign that they are ready to pick.

I used several varieties of seed potatoes so the later varieties are still growing. If you do it this way you can stagger the harvesting to provide more continuous fresh food.

Some other vegetables will be ready soon including carrots, squash, tomatoes, corn, broccoli, beans and others. Also my pumpkin patch is shaping up nicely for a fall harvest.

I have seen other gardens farther along in this area. They may have better water or other conditions but most will be paying off soon. The peas were great this year and radishes were also tasty. I will be putting in more peas next year and staggering planting times for more continuous harvesting as the kids really like those.

If I could find chick pea seeds, I would plant a lot of those. The ones you grow are nothing like the garbanzo beans that you can buy. They are more on the line with sweet peas but better. However, in this country, certain things like those and the light green zucchini are almost impossible to locate.


  1. The photos are delicious. City folk like myself can't help but be amazed by this --- digging up fresh potatoes! Good luck finding the chick pea seeds.

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  3. Thanks. Hey, city folks can enjoy food like this in containers indoors or on patios. See June's "Survival Garden" article on this site for information on how to do this.

  4. I started container gardening this year.
    I don't have green fingers but managed to
    get a small harvest.Great blog btw!

  5. That's great, congratulations. I once nailed long, rectangular containers around my deck rail and used that space to grow a lot of things. Much easier on the back too, with no bending over.