Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yet Another Great Blog Post On Another Great Site!!


Here we go again. One of my articles has been accepted and is featured on Divine Caroline. This is a unique and very cool place that Rebecca has over there. But don't let her fool ya, I don't think she is as callous as she puts on.

Anyway wander over and take a gander (I lost myself in it for a long time so be careful, its that interesting). My rant, I mean article, is up as of this morning and you can see it by clicking the link or picture.

I hate sending you away from my blog here but my number one priority is to give my readers good information, wherever that might be. So please click the back button or bookmark this site because there is a lot more here and a lot of important material in the works to come.

You can even submit an article or your own on Divine Caroline if you want and see if it gets approved. Click on the images or link to see the guest post article and hope to see you back soon. Thanks to all and have a wonderful day.

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