Monday, September 20, 2010

Still on Target

The big events are still coming up shortly although there hasn't been a lot to report on lately. All of the markers are pointing toward the second week of November for whatever is going to kick off the huge downturn. And then the economy and life as we know it will continue to head down for a long time afterwards.

I thought it was a good time to remind everyone to get their last minute preparations in place. You can find a lot of advice for preps in the past articles here and also at and, the sites that outline the information regarding this, what is most likely to be a catastrophic period.

Some of the likely events may include any of the following, a combination of several of those, or something else entirely:

-increasing wars impacting the entire world;

-economic, including the death of the dollar and the corresponding economic depression

-electro magnetic pulsation (EMP) either man made or natural such as a coronal mass ejection (CME)

-another terrorist event or something made to look like a terrorist attack maybe including nuclear attacks.

Of course the preparations we make will be a little different for each of these events but many of them will be universal.

Examples of this would be that gas masks may be needed for nuclear attacks or nuclear power disruption due to natural disasters. Alternative power and/or protection of equipment would be needed in the case of an EMP or CME, including autos without electric parts. However, some supplies are more basic and would be good to have in most scenarios. Think of what we need to survive such as purifiers to clean water, food and heat. Then we need a way to protect what we have and barter items including precious metals in small denominations.

The frustrating part is that we don't know exactly what to expect and no one can prepare for every situation but if we have enough to barter with, we may be able to get what is needed. For example, pole shift may require us to have a sturdy boat but you may be able to trade for one. So do the best you can and good luck.