Friday, July 31, 2009

Guest Articles on Debt on the Way

An excellent writer has agreed to post a series of articles on this site starting in the next day or two. So, just a heads up to watch for the first of the articles in this series to appear today or tomorrow.

The author will be writing on debt as she is an expert in that field. I am anxiously awaiting the first installment or what looks to be a total of 5 articles altogether.

And another thing, what's up with the poll right up there on my site? Only one person has clicked on it out of about 200 people. Please take the time to cast your vote. It only take a second and I have ideas for new polls if I can get this first one completed ever.

Again, thanks in advance. I look forward to seeing how readers feel on this, your site, and moving toward those things that will interest and benefit you the most.

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