Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Evolution of a Survival Blog

Well, since I've started doing this blog, not that long ago, I have made a lot of changes for the better. This has been made possible by a person whom I met online and who I see as somewhat of a blogging guru.
If it wasn't for this person, you would be seeing a much different looking blog than what appears now, only a couple weeks later. If you're interested, you can see what the blog looked like in the early stages and what exactly was done, step by step.
I'm not saying that it is totally complete by any means but I'm very happy with the changes so far. To check out the article about my blog, go to Blogging With Success where you will see this blog featured, from almost the start to finish and pick up on many useful tips for optimizing your blog.
I was lucky enough to be referred to this expert blog builder and author of the blog for all bloggers, SBA. So, if you want to check out this premiere site on blogging, click the link. You will not be disappointed. It is packed full of all the information you will need to build a great blog and even has an excellent, free newsletter that you will be able to sign up for.


  1. John, I'm honored by you compliments! None of what you mention could happen without you taking the first step, reaching out to give your readers an even better experience. Someone called you a 'young blogger', and I look for that quality regardless of the person's 'age'. The desire, passion and inspiration has to be there. So carry on, young blogger!

  2. LOL I will. Thanks. Just reporting what I see and expressing gratitude for the excellent help I recieved. Couldn't have done it all without you. Lots of good Karma your way!

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