Monday, July 27, 2009

Palin Gives Us a Dire Warning

Sarah Palin says to beware of big government and media as she leaves office. This reminds me of Eisenhower's warning of the military/industrial complex as he left office. Some of those in the know would like to get the word out to the rest of us and this is often the method used. When there is a good person in a high position, they are not allowed to say too much about the reality of the situation but they also can not remain totally silent in good conscience.

That's where you need to almost read between the lines to pick up on "what time it is" as they say. Most politicians would like to do the right thing but that cannot be allowed. So they are silenced by whatever means necessary and thereby become the tools of the ruling class.

I'm sure there are many politicians that choose to be tools (pun intended) and are put in place for just that reason. But I think that in Palin's case, she would rather get out of public office than to be a part of what's coming down, namely the destruction of the common people. Stay tuned for news on the end of August turning point, the end of September for the crashing and then there's the global train wreck toward the end of October to be followed by even worse yet.


  1. I really enjoy you comments on your blog and hope that they are not prophetic.

  2. Me too. But I'm worried that they are.