Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Message to a Friend

I have a friend who has suffered a loss recently and is grieving that loss. She is very well known to many in the blogging community, being one of the top bloggers around. I am dedicating this post to my friend known to those in the world of blogging as Timethief.

To Timethief

I hope beyond hope that the new day has brought you renewed strength, positive energy, vigor, and a great degree of peace and contentment. I've been thinking of you and praying for you in the hope that it could help, if only in any small way.

As stated by others of your many loving admirers, you are a beautiful and strong person though it may not exactly feel that way to you at this moment.

You are the first person I talked to on here and I will always remember your kindness in guiding this green and apprehensive blogger. In the past, some have stated to you that they thought you were “blunt”, to put it mildly, but to me that is your integrity and honesty (not being a phony, pleaser: all too common in today’s world). You always handle them with such a high degree of class. You are a rare and precious, old soul to be treasured by those who are lucky enough to make your acquaintance, indeed.

You are here for a reason and one of those is to be an inspiration to many on this plane, I being one. I wanted to be able to say something that could somehow possibly console you yesterday but nothing would come out. Then today Universe has gushed forth a message through me and I felt compelled to write to you once again.

In our connection as a portion of the true Oneness, I hereby lend to you any positive Divinity that I might have access to in this time of sorrow and need, that you may continue in your excellent progress and evolution in the manifestation of the total Goodness that is most assuredly the Wholeness that is actually, in reality, your Perfection.

In solidarity, with total, unconditional and universal love; your partner in Oneness,



  1. Wonderfully expressed, because it's heartfelt. I lend my voice to yours, wishing her every measure of comfort.

  2. I'm sure your support is helpful in ways we may not even be aware of. In times like these, true friendship such as yours, is more valuable than can be imagined.

  3. @John
    I just returned home from hospital. My health crsis is not yet over but I wish to remain in my own home now. I sat down at my keyboard, looked at my overflowing email accounts and was filled with sorrow because after I answer them all I must go back to bed.

    I'm not well enough to research and write a post. I'm not well enough to answer more that a couple of comments before I must lay down again. I lack the emotional strength to start sending out emails and asking my blogging friends to write guest posts for my blogs because that would take explanations and I'm not well enough to remain up long enough to make them.

    Knowing I was behind and needing I signed into stumbleupon where I'm at least 3 weeks behind and read this this beautiful tribute -- to me! I wept. Thank you so much for being such a wonderful friend and honoring me in this way.