Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reseed The Garden

Its time to check your garden out and see assess the condition of what you have planted. If you planted seeds last month, they should have started to sprout by now. If not, we need to cultivate that area and reuse the space. To cultivate, just means to break up the soil and loosen it up a little. You can also do this for any spaces where you transplanted plants and they did not make it. Don't worry. You can utilize that valuable space and replant it with either seeds or plants that are still available.

Actually, this practice will stagger your harvests and serve to furnish food on more of a continuous basis. So, try to make time to grab your garden tools and packs of seeds or plants and head out to the garden. And remember to continue planting to create a steady supply of food. Keep watering and fertilize for best results. Don't let dry fertilizer touch the stems if adding. Keep it a few inches away or mix it in the soil with water ahead of time.

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