Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Crimes By Everyday People Are Way Up Due To Economy

There's a good posting today on the author Michael Panzner's site, Financial Armageddon. There he talks about the increase in people claiming their autos as stolen in order to collect insurance money by defrauding their insurance companies.

Evidently this type of crime goes way up in poor financial times. As the logic goes, more and more people are unable to pay for their vehicles, for which they owe much more than they can sell them, if anyone has money to buy them in the first place. The bigger picture is that, actually, a lot of crime tends to go up when the economy goes down. People get the feeling that they have nothing to lose and that the chance of getting caught outweighs the need to try to do something in order to survive. Panzner is the author of When Giants Fall.

He predicted the present downturn far in advance and tells what's coming next and what we can do about it. Also, you will be able to subscribe to his excellent email service for free and receive great articles on a regular basis.

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