Saturday, June 6, 2009

Coast To Coast AM

Each night, actually 1 am in the east, there is a radio program on that features many interesting topics and guests. Topics range from fringe items such as UFOs, conspiracies, and alternative medicine to spirituality, economics, current events, and science. If you have trouble staying up this late, an option is to record the shows with one of the devices offered by the C. Crane radio company, and others. So, for all of you night owls, just scan the dial on the a. m. band during the correct times and you will surely come across the program on several stations, if you have the reception. It lasts for four hours and usually features several various topics and guests throughout the program. You will be able to listen to interviews with many top authors, scientists, doctors, lawyers and even an occasional Nobel prize winner, just to name a few. And, if not too tired, you can even call in to ask questions or give comments.

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  1. When I was driving a truck and now when I drive a cab this show helps keep me awake. My friend who is a long haul trucker credits Coast to Coast with actually preventing wrecks.