Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update For The Economy In Michigan

What's going on up there in the statistically worst state in the union, you might ask. Nothing pretty. Lots of foreclosed homes as I look down the street. Some are trying to rent them out with not much luck. A prison is closing in Muskegon, by Lake Michigan, so there are more unemployed to go along with the auto victims. Speaking of victims, I wonder if any of the criminals will be moving into those rental homes next door. They could get together and have like say oh, 5 or 6 murderers that could possibly come up with the rent, after some contracts that is....or maybe drug dealers; they should have money, right? Well, if they can find anyone that has money to buy their drugs, that is. Speaking of money, I read in the Detroit News today that money that came from the Federal government to Michigan was not directly ordered to go to healthcare as it was intended, so the State government just took it to use on other projects. Update: Today the News reports that doctors are refusing to see Medicare patients because of the new cut in payments to doctors by the government.

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