Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Safeguard Your Garden With Motion Detection Sprinklers

The fastest way to lose your hard earned garden plants is from deer, rabbits, birds and other wildlife or even the household pet. But don't fret, there is now a way to avoid the damage many encounter from these pesky creatures. The new motion detecting sprinkler will turn itself on when these pests are in the area in order to keep your garden free from danger.

However, in the near future, even more of a danger to your food supply than those pests could actually be hungry, two legged creatures. And these sprinklers will be sure to send them packing fast. If you think about it, what would go through a person's head when the sprinklers suddenly turn on? Whatever it is, I don't think they would want to stick around to find out.

In conclusion, a few of these, depending on your garden size, should be a very good way to ensure that you have plenty of food come harvest time. This will surely prove to be a much more efficient method of control than alternative means of protection such as fencing, video surveillance, watch dog or armed guard. So, if you want the ultimate in safety, cost effectiveness and peace of mind, install a few of these before it's too late. Oh, and by the way, set up could not be easier. Just click the picture to go to the order page.


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  3. Hi
    Found your booth at the Gardening Patch carnival. This is a very efficient solution! Would love to see a camera activated at the same time to take some candid photos!

  4. That would be cool. I am glad the carnival post got a view. Might have to go back there and post again.