Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oil Play Not As Profitable As Reported

I am going to share a post of mine from the Bakken Shale Oil Play Discussion on a topic that touches on how mainstream media twists and spins news to the extent that it usually comes out as just the opposite of what is actually going on. To view the entire thread, go to the Bakken Shale oil formation site for a very informative and lively discussion group.

Actually that already appears to be a cheery note, as I see it, David. Lets say that Larry's study is valid:

"Of the 253 wells in Mountrail County 92 (36%) of them have already generated enough net revenue to payoff the $5 million drilling costs. Another 120 (47%) should generate enough net revenue to payoff the drilling cost within the next two years."

Therefore, even with the present conditions:

1. poor transportation to get the oil to market (likely to improve)

2. prices running below what they may be in the future

3. current technology (also likely to improve)

we have 83% of the wells in the county (36% plus 47%), which could be said to be fairly good ones. And once those three conditions are improved upon, the percentage of good wells should go up even higher from there as well as the length of time to pay off the well getting shorter. So, in actuallity, that doesn't really sound like that bad of news.

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