Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the Brink

Well, summers here and things are about to heat up in more ways than one. Watch for things to begin unraveling more and more as we approach the September to Early November period. A kind of a perfect storm is brewing, where everything comes together to form the rare and dangerous climate for the big one. We have a lot of different areas are coming to a head right now, which will all contribute to this calamity:

1. The derivatives are getting to the point of crashing in.

2. Commercial real estate is bubbling up fast.

3. The excessive printing of new money may lead directly to a hyper inflationary effect.

Once these and other man-made conditions are created, there is no where to go but vertical and I'm not talking about up. Throw in a natural disaster here and there and maybe a pandemic or two and, hey, you get the picture. The dollar devaluation alone could very easily lead to bad times for most. Hyperinflation would mean that the simple necessities such as food would be cost prohibitive for many. (See the section on gardening further down on the list.) And gas prices could prevent commuters from just getting to work and back every day, if you even have a job to go to. By mid 2010 things could be worse than anyone can even imagine. This time its not just the doomers that are calling for gloom and doom but anyone who takes everything into consideration; rationalists or realists of all bents, if you will. Now is not the time for false optimism for that is not an attribute that will help to avoid being blindsided with the current state of affairs upon us. See the article on what steps to take at this time and be sure not to wait too long.

Mid July until September is the window with things getting even worse through the first week of November. October is particularly troubling and then things go down even more from there through 2010 and beyond. This will not be a short-lived event and, whatever you do, do not believe those on the tele and elsewhere claiming that this minor upturn is the start of a recovery. Just turn that off and keep coming back here if you want the real scoop.

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