Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bugging Out Of Your Home

Bugging out is a term that has come to the attention of the most astute survivalists who have the foresight to realize that escaping your own home may be necessary in the soon-to-be possible reality. With a scarcity of food and water, the tendency is for people to form large groups in order to gain the strength needed to overpower individuals or smaller groups. If you and your family become the target of members of these groups, known as zombies, you will need a good plan to implement in order to survive.

The best way to avoid the potential disaster you may encounter in this scenario is by escape, not confrontation. You will need somewhere to escape to and a way to get there safely. Pack a "bug out bag" and keep it light weight and handy. I will outline some basic ideas and you can fill in the blanks by using your imagination or doing further research as it is not within the scope of this article to cover in-depth detail. Imagine a marauding gang, going house to house trying to stay alive at the expense of others.

A very distinct possibility in the situation that may lie ahead for most. If you live in the woods, that is the best case scenario since you will have cover for your escape. Night vision goggles could come in handy also. Look around your domicile. What would be the most likely attack point and point of escape? What about alternative routes? Are there any things you can think of that could cause a distraction, giving you valuable time to get away? What about firecrackers with the fuses stuck in different length cigarettes that you can light to slow the time til ignition? Or cherry bombs you could lob?

These gangs will likely be armed so it may not help to use your guns except as a last resort. So, lets continue with the escape plan. If you have found a way out with cover, where are you going? Do you have to drive to the place? Is there a friend or relative within walking distance that you can get to? If not, it would be a good idea to have a bug out vehicle. This should stay gassed up, in good working order, parked where you can get to it and loaded with supplies you will need.

That way you won't be too much of a burden if you have to show up at someones place to hang out awhile. If you have a cottage or want to put up a large shed somewhere, stock it and lock it to use as your retreat and do everything you can to ensure that you will be able to get to it and stay awhile. The gangs might move on quickly but may be followed by others and you may have to stay away for an extended period.


  1. My Fiance and I talk about this quite often. Usually because I bring it up. I think that it is just a matter of time before something drastic is going to happen. My dream is to live on a farm far away from people, grow my own food, have animals, have my own wells, make my own preservs, etc. Oh, and have some gun locked up somewhere hidden and safe (not in the home). Oh, my dream.... In this dream of mine, more tlike a plan... we have also discussed having a place to run and hide also because stying at the farm might prove to be impossible (for the reasons you gave). People need to think more like us. Actually, no, maybe we should keep these things secret...

  2. Tricia, My wife and her brother have a cabin about an hour away we plan to meet at with the kids if we need to. It's less than a tank of gas away so we try to keep the car filled up. It has a well and wood stove and forests. Til then we just use it for recreation. It's not much, just a 50-60 yr. old trailer with an add on and, with two families going in, it was very cheap on a land contract. My wife found it online. Maybe something like that would work for you? Good luck.

  3. Thank you for the tip. Our first thing we would do is, leave the city immediately, go my parents home (near the country), then to my relatives farm or their cabin. Your suggestion is much better, I think. We need to have something of our own. Can't just rely on others.