Thursday, August 6, 2009

Survival For Preppers In Depression Number Two

Depression number two is actually here now but due to different circumstances and number manipulations, it isn't apparent to most people. However, after this month and next, it will become more and more obvious to more people.

As talked about before on this site, the bank closings of the Great Depression counted one bank per closing and now a bank closing includes many branches and atm's that aren't counted. Many use the false numbers to bolster the opinion that we can't be in a depression because bank closings aren't high enough. But, as you can see, this is not true.

Unemployment is also said to be lower but when the real numbers are compared, it includes people out of work that don't show up in the officical figures. These and other markers show us to be much worse off than the media and politicians would have you believe. However, the truth can not be contained and covered up much longer.

By the last week of October, things will have unraveled to the point that it will be obvious to even the most die hard ostiches with their heads in the sand. And it will most likely continue for at least the next couple years or more, contrary to what we will surely be told. How bad could it get? You might not want to know.

I have talked to some that think it will be so bad that they plan to save some of their ammo to use on themselves in case their suffering gets unbearable. Wow, that says a lot. And these aren't some crazies, just normal people like you and I.

Who do we blame for the mess we are getting in? You can blame politicains but you can't lay it on just one party, it would have to be bipartisan blame. You could blame it on media. Or the Fed. The truth is that all of these and others would shoulder some of the blame. But they are only controlled by their masters, the ultra rich, the lobbiests, special interests.


  1. this is indeed a very disturbing state of affairs the leaders of society have to wake up to the practical demands otherwise it will not take long for matters to go out of their hands.

  2. Again I hope this is wrong, but I think this scenario is fairly close to the truth.

  3. Same here. By the end of October it should all be well under way by all calculations. Then look for worse yet ahead of that.