Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ted Kennedy: my take

As you've probably heard, Ted Kennedy died today. So, the last of the three Kennedy brothers is now gone and I will now put to words something I have thought about for a long time.

The Kennedy brothers, with whatever you want to say negative about them, wielded a power that only the Kennedy name and mystique could. And they had some core ideas that went totally against the powers that be.

Probably the number one conspiracy theory, with the possible exception of the Roswell incident, is the President Kennedy assassination. Even those that are not prone to believing in conspiracies wonder about that one.

On a lessor note, Robert Kennedy's assassinations is considered to have been an "inside job" by many as well. One thing that the brother's have in common is that they tended to buck the system and go against certain powerful people and groups. Another is the great influence they had with the American people, let alone the rest of the world.

Now the story I am about to lay out, I will call fictitious, and I have not heard anyone else come up with this plot, although that seems odd to me because it almost cries out to be told.

So, at that point we have it, those two brothers out of the way and the lone Kennedy brother holding all of the clout that only a young, ambitious Kennedy could. How would this situation be likely to be viewed by those that have such a grand stake in their corrupt system not being upset as threatened by the other pesky two?

It seems very obvious that this one remaining brother could be a major thorn in the side to that all important control of those in power. So, the solution would be...? Why, of course it's to remove the problem, what else?

How is the problem to be removed in the most effective manner? Well, if he turns up dead, that would be just a little too much of a coincidence to swallow by most people, perhaps. And what's another method of neutralizing the problem? It's to destroy the man's credibility, therefore assuring that he will never be a threat.

Enter, the incident at Chappaquiddick. For those of you who don't remember, the car that Edward Kennedy was allegedly driving went off the road into the river in Chappaquiddick with a woman, who was not his wife, in the car. Tragically, she did not survive the accident.

And from that day forward, the incident managed to allow the utter and complete screwing of Americans to continue unabated. A brilliant, diabolical plan or an unfortunate accident? You be the judge. And that's my contribution as the work of "fiction" that has benefited a few for many decades.

Have the voters of Massachusets forgiven their favorite son or have they suspected that he was set up? I don't know but, whatever the answer is, once again circumstances have occurred that have served the status quo well at the expense of the great citizens of this country.


  1. Your article should give many people food for thought. Now, I regret that I didn't open my New York Times mail. Instead, I simply glanced at the headline without thinking much. Most probably, many commentaries and interesting writing about the Kennedy clan will start appearing within the next 2 weeks. To be seen, once the news have sunk in...

  2. I don't know about hat one. I saw a documentary on this a long time ago, it had clips of Ted Kennedy referring to the "accident". It didn't seem like a plot to set him up. It just seemed that his family had money to power to keep it hush. Don't get me wrong, I know governments set people up and have they killed ( i.e. accapart suicides, accidents, etc.). This just never seemed that way to me. I can see how many would though.

    Great post. I love hearing conspiracy stories. ;)

  3. interesting theory. I have never considered this. I always just chalked him up to being a manslaughterer who, because of family power, got off scott free. Excellent post!!

  4. Not only do I feel strongly that Ted was set up; I feel that TPTB (the powers that be) did away with the strongest Kennedy who could become senator and then President, young JFK. If you dig into the plane crash, the odd burial at sea, the way the military took over, etc. It is very suspect.

  5. That makes perfect sense, Anonymous. It seems obvious now that you mention it. I wonder why no one has hit on that that I have heard of. Now that you brought it up, someone might do some research and write on it. Also, there should be some whistleblowers coming out with information as things develope in the coming months. The whistblower laws are very inadequate but that might change as the public becomes more aware.

  6. Truth is, he was one ruthless SOB. I'm glad he's dead. Hahahahahahaha!