Friday, August 7, 2009

Politics, Preppers, Paradigms, Survivalists, The Economy, And Another Great Depression

Back in the early 80's my sociology professor taught that there needed to be a dismantling of the central powers and for people to operate on a local basis. I think it was pretty good of him to see this and put it out for young minds to try and digest. However, many of the classmates labeled him as loony back then. A lot of people still need to change their tune and it may take the coming events to facilitate the paradigm shift. We here are like minded but it is mind boggling how many others are still stuck and clueless. Maybe Universe has to take drastic measures to shake them free from delusions.

Even before that, in the early 70's a lot of us knew the system was broken and were willing to try to do something to help fix it. But that was short-lived. Things quickly went right back to the same old same old. The paradigm continued but now it's quickly coming to the end of the road for the old ways. And those that once believed there could be a better way will need to once again renew their ideas of a peaceful change.

It will not be an easy road and many will not make it. That is actually part of the plan; to decrease the population. There are many that are on to the many dastardly methods and plans to be used against humanity. However, most are still totally in the dark and refuse to see what is now beginning to unfold. But the coming events will force their eyes to open and shake off the beliefs that have been ingrained in them by others.

Are you awake and aware of what is going on behind the scenes but right in front of your eyes? How long will it take for you to realize the truth? What will it take and what will have to happen before you finally wake up? I urge you to start seeking and discovering those truths beyond what the 6 o'clock news or the daily rag of your choice attempts to blind you with. For it will be those that become aware and prepare that will come out the best in the coming months and years.

Keep coming back for updates and tips to help you, your family and your community and I will attempt to bring you information to help in the best way possible. Because it is exactly as that professor taught so many years ago. We are at the late stages of what is referred to as democracy and the universe will shake out what needs to be changed one way or another. It will be a painful time for many but a necessary process in order to end the current paradigm that has gone on much too long already.

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