Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gardening Articles are in the Lead

From my poll I see that gardening has gained the most votes so far, although the sample is small. (Please take the poll on the left.) I'll write a short article about my latest gardening tip and experiences today and then go on to write about the second and third choices in the next couple days since they are really close.

I am thinking about re-seeding the areas of my garden that haven't produced as of yet. I figure if something hasn't come up by now, it's not going to. I am putting in now according to where my sprinklers hit when just left in one spot and turned on.

That saves time moving sprinklers around. I have two hoses coming off of the one hose that is connected to the spigot. I have found the get more coverage from the back and forth type sprinkler than the ones that go around and they seem to last a little longer before breaking down. I'm sure they are manufactured to break just like cars and other items in order to sell more.

Check the seed packs for time til harvest. I'm in the north so I don't have up to 60 days to wait for slow growing vegetables like onions before the frost. I have put in radishes and early peas a couple days ago and they will have time to come up this fall.

Note: I had to partially bury a 2 foot by 2 inch pipe in next to my apple tree because the water was not reaching the roots. My Grandmother checked it when she visited yesterday and could tell by the leaves that the water was staying too close to the surface and she told me of the pipe trick. After 90 some years of gardening, I tend to listen to her.

Next year I will be letting parts of the garden grow over and reshaping the whole thing. As I said, mark where your sprinklers reach and form your next garden to this size and shape. It saves a lot of water (money for me with city water) and time. I may have the brother in law help put in a well for watering and, as a duel purpose source for when survival becomes an issue, which may be very soon.

Speaking of saving money, when I gave Grandma a small bag of potatoes, she said that that same amount was four dollars at the farm market she went to. It was only a couple handfuls of potatoes, so hopefully you are saving a lot with your garden starting to produce now.

Send comments if you have questions and I will answer within a day or two. Don't forget to fertilize and don't let the dry type touch the plants if that's what you use. I'm sending grow vibrations to all of your vegetable plants so they should continue doing well or start getting better immediately : )

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