Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gold, Silver and Whistlblowers

Gold shot up today by a huge amount and silver went up by a higher percentage yet. However, silver is proportionally lower than it was last time gold went over $1000 an ounce. So watch for silver to catch up even more. They are both still a bargain, especially if this proves to be an inflationary depression rather than a deflationary one and there's a good chance of that.

If gold goes over $1050, that will probably lock it in at over $1000 from here on out. Silver should be over $20 an ounce right now and headed for $50 and then maybe $800 or so in the coming year or two....maybe : ) Not financial advice though, ya know.

My whistleblowing case against the federal government was dismissed on a technicality recently and I found out that that was my last chance to get it through. Not because it didn't have merit, but because of the intense corruption against us citizens by the powerful controllers. That's OK: the Universe has it's way of evening things out sooner or later and they will definitely pay the piper at that time.

They have spent much too long screwing the people that they are supposed to serve and that pay their fat cat salaries. It will be a good day when the tables turn and karma takes effect to bring about the justice that they have avoided of all these years. Well, I could say a lot about this topic but you already know what they are like, unless you are one of the blind sheep who are partially to blame for helping to facilitate the crimes against the people including your own selves. If you aren't aware by now, give it a couple months. The corruption should be clear to everyone by then except to the most brainwashed of our brethren.

But then, we are not ones to hold onto grudges and harbor resentments, are we? That will only serve to negatively affect our selves. Just know that things have an odd way of evening themselves out in the end and take solice in that. Justice will be served and it's coming up soon, to be sure.

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