Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Economy Ready For Final Gasp

Yesterday, the day of the predicted beginning of the end for the economy, there wasn't a lot that most would consider to be out of the ordinary. Other than the stock market hiccup, that is. However there were other thing going on also, although they seemed to be minor at the time.

I don't think anyone knows for sure what the actual event was that will serve as the trigger to start the economic ball rolling downhill. There is a lot of speculation as to what it was but to see for sure, we will have to wait awhile. Most likely it will become clear a week from this Friday or the one after that, black Friday as it will probably be referred to as.

This gives a little more time to make the preparations that will be needed. To review, here are some of the items that may be helpful:

-cash on hand to last a few months or as close as possible.
-plenty of food and water.
-a way to stay warm or cool, depending upon the climate.
-precious metals, gold or silver, as circumstances allow.
-home protection.
-a generator with extra gas or at lease candles, flashlights and batteries.
-extra propane and a grill or other means to cook (woodstove, campstove, Sterno...).
-first aid supplies.
-garden supplies for indoor growing.
-fire starting supplies.
-a radio other than electric.

Other items may be helpful as well depending on what the emergency is or how long it will last. For example, gas masks, farm animals, vitamins and medicines, tools, a tent, tarps, sleeping bags, a method of transportation and the list goes on and on. A little research will give you more ideas but no one can have everything that might be needed. Prioritize the best you can and have others around to assist if possible.

Hopefully, we are wrong about the situation but it won't hurt to be ready just in case. And I think that these upcoming events will affect everyone, one way or another. Check back for more over the next couple of weeks or so and good luck.


  1. John, Watched the video. The word he kept coming back to was "lockdown", I was and am a skeptic of this but saw this yesterday. http://articlesofinterest-kelley.blogspot.com/2009/10/banks-and-october-surprise.html Tuesday, October 27, 2009
    Bank oddities (replies and quotes obtained from another internet forum)

    Saturday October 24, 2009 - 7:30 pm

    From an IT guy. "I'm a BofA IT worker and can tell you there is a large event going down this weekend.

    They're implementing what they're calling the "October Release".

    My understanding is that this is a software and systems upgrade which is somehow tied into the FED and their regulations.

    If this is a Federal Reserve activity, that would explain why ALL banks and credit unions are involved. We've been on a change lockdown for the past week and threatened with our jobs if we fuck anything up.

  2. That is very interesting coming from an insider. I am skeptical too but I still think the economy is going to nosedive. This can be concluded by putting all of the loose ends together. I would actually be shocked if there was a turn around and if everyone started finding jobs, getting credit, forclosures slowed down, etc., even if it was a gradual improvement over a long period, without a tremendous crash beforehand.