Friday, September 25, 2009

Population Reduction

You would think that, being out of a job, I would have a lot of time to spend on writing but, with seven kids and a disabled wife, there are always tons of things to do around here. Therefore, articles will appear frequently but not on a regular schedule.

Something I wanted to share prompted my making time to come on for a few minutes today. That is the contention that a decrease in population is going to take place in the next year or so. It has been reported that the number 1.25 billion is the amount that the worldwide population will be lowered by.

Most of this decrease, it is said, will be due to food shortages that are foreseen to be on the horizon. This could be due to the so-called death of the oceans, crop failures, economics, oil shortages or other reasons but but it is thought that it will be engineered for some reason. Or a pandemic could contribute as well. In other words, some think that this will be generated by those with the power to do such things.

So, I suggest that some research be done to avoid the disaster touching you or your family. This may be done by searching some of the past survival articles on this site or others. Its hard to imagine that there are some that would resort to such methods in order to further their agenda but, if that would be the case, it would seem that there is evil beyond comprehension with the means to carry out their plans.

Stay safe by preparing the best you can and we will all hope for the best, whatever it is that is on the horizon for us all. In the future I will be reporting on my whistleblower case against the government, which looks like it will be squashed, as I imagined would be the outcome. After all, that's the way things are done in this once land of the free. But that was a very long time ago.


  1. Thank you so much for the links. It is going to take me a very long time to read everything from the this post and the last (the links). I will probably sound really mean here but, I think that the earth needs 80% decrease in the population size. The earth is too overcrowded. ANd, if that means me (I hope not, not yet), then bye.

    Another great post. :)

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  3. another scary scenario that may have a ring of truth to it. Hopefully not but one never knows. You are so right when call the U.S. "the once land of the free." We are losing more and more freedom every day.