Friday, July 31, 2009

Web Bot Project Back in Business

Since I reported that the web bot project was ending, some recent developments have occurred, which will enable the project to continue.

Without getting into all of the dirty details, I'll just say, if you have access to the web bot reports, please do not publish them as they are copyrighted and it messes up the readings as well.

For subscribers, there is a discussion forum that you can join to discuss all aspects of the reports.

If you aren't familiar with the web bot project, there is an explanation on this site or, the official site of the program. The site has a link that goes in depth to give a description of how it all works.

Suffice to say here that the project has allowed the operators to predict the October economic decline to the day as well as many other events. The reports have been reduced to $10 per and the administrators are a very reputable lot.

I am not affiliated with this project in any way but am compelled to report on any and all subjects such as this that can make a substantial positive difference in the lives of those open minded enough to be inclined to listen. If not, you can't teach a pig to sing.


  1. Are you still located in G.R.I'm Still in metro Detroit. As time is short I,m more open than before,

  2. Yes, I'm just north of there about 15 minutes.

  3. how about PMen me at web bots and see if we can get something going. beem tring toget in touch those folks in IN. but so far nothing