Sunday, July 19, 2009

Some of The New Developments Ahead

Well, it's the new week and here are some of the upcoming developments I talked about in the last article. Expect these to start sometime this year or next and to continue until the turning point and new paradigm shift after that.

  • Camps being developed to detain dissidents

  • A substantial portion of the population dying off

  • Major rioting in this country and others

  • Food and water shortages

  • Stock market crash

These are not your willy-nilly predictions but based on scientific fact, trend analysis and web bot results. There are also other results that are being formulated, which are related more to what most consider bordering on fringe areas of science and they will be afforded the coverage they deserve when complete.

Those items above are not in any particular order, however, I would say that there will be some logical progression involved. For example, at this point the stock market is actually up while the real economy is down. This can cause some to miscalculate the serious trouble that the economy is in. I do believe the market will move drastically downward before the major rioting begins but there is always the chance that it will be artificially propped up some more too.

I did not include inflation on the list but that is a very distinct possibility with fiat currency and the crazy Keynesian methods being employed. So, imagine having less money but everything costing more with not enough to go around. Kind of a perfect storm in the economy.

The camps that have been already put in place will be for those who haven't died off due to homelessness, lack of food or rioting. Anyone who dares to go against the defenders of the paradigm will have their own place in a detention center. Please leave a comment so that we can discuss the situation at hand.

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  1. I do agree with you, "Kind of a perfect storm in the economy". You hit it right on the mark.

    These camps, I have seen a documentary on them a few years back. Pretty scary. Them have them in Canada too. Were not suppose to know about them, most don't.

    I heard that one of these camps were used during a protest in Philadelphia or somewhere a few years ago. I think it might have been a G8 Summit or Free Trade protest. I wish I could remember.

    I really wish I had my farm :(