Monday, July 6, 2009

Depression 2 Coming This Fall

The current Depression is going to become very evident in just a short time. In the next one to three months is when things will be coming to a head and preparations should be in place. And around the second half of October will be a situation of devastating consequences yet to be revealed.

The job situation is getting worse as time goes on and bank failures are at all time highs when the number of branches and atm's are thrown in the mix. From this time forward it is going to be a much different world than the one people have become used to. Its looking like hyperinflation will be the order of the day, with food, gas and other costs going through the roof. This will be reminiscent of the Wiemar Republic and the situation in Zimbabwe. Fiat currency, the money we use, will be all but worthless and bartering will become more common. And this could all begin as early as the end of next month.

Those that tell us that they have the answer to avoid or reverse this situation in reality have no answers. Not immediate ones at least. The next few years will have to play out while we go through the rough road ahead and come up with a completely overhauled system or paradigm. Those that have the most will not want to relinquish their power and holdings and will do whatever possible to try to keep the old but antiquated system in place. In the mean time, imagine a worse case scenario and you probably will not even be close to the reality that lies ahead.

Unfortunately most people will not agree and, therefore, will not be able to foresee the train wreck that is the economic situation, which is upon us. But those that can read between the lines and think outside the box will be able to be ready and weather the storm much better. No one knows exactly how bad things will have to get before they can start to get better but it is the old ways of thinking that will only prolong the agony that is about to unfold.

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