Sunday, June 28, 2009

Don't Miss This Item In Your Survival Kit

Well, I had a really good article for today but I have been told by a few that I need to do a guest post of some of my best work as unpublished articles on someone’s blog. So I'm saving it for that. If you know of anyone looking for a good guest post let me know. Once it's published somewhere, I'll let you know where to read it. I think you will enjoy it very much.

So, here I was left with no article and a bad headache, which I've had for two days. No amount of medication seemed to help. Then I remembered hearing about caffeine withdrawal. I used to drink coffee but switched to making my own iced green tea lately. However, after running out of green tea, I hadn't made it to the store to get more.

What does this have to do with survival preparations you might ask? I'm glad you asked. Nowhere in the preper literature have I seen anything relating to caffeine so, let me be the first to present the idea to the lucky Survival Stew readers.

It's common to include medicines as part of a survival kit along with first aid supplies but also throw in a bottle of caffeine pills, if only to help wean off the coffee, coke or whatever when supplies dry up. Believe me, it can be very debilitating to have a caffeine withdrawal headache and no one needs that in a survival situation. With everything coming up, there may not be gas for the shipping of coffee, etc. or it could be very expensive with hyperinflation set to kick in. Sorry, that may be a luxury some can't afford.

Of course you could always stock up on the caffeine drinks if you have the resources now but it still couldn't hurt to have some of the pills stored away in a cool, dark place. They would be great for staying alert and that could be very important in the times ahead. Also, they might come in handy for bartering when all those ex-coffee drinkers are walking around with splitting headaches.


  1. Your guest post is up on my blog today.


  2. ok, thanks a lot. hope your readers enjoy it. I have a couple others if you want to touch base.