Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Money Making And Saving Tips For Hard Times Ahead

I think a lot of people are going to benefit from learning about cutting back on expenses, whether you're unemployed, forced into part time work or to keep up with rising costs. A site I've found and wanted to share has some pretty good money saving tips and can be found at Martins Money Tips. And don't forget to tend that garden for a good output at harvest time.

One warning. Watch out for bees in the garden shed. I had almost ten nests of various sizes in mine and received two painful stings I'm still dealing with after two weeks. I think I got them all taken care of for now but had just found another nest yesterday.

To make the garden a little more pleasurable and seem like less of a chore, you might want to plan a pleasing garden design for next season. Use your imagination or look up ideas for low cost ideas and start now in planning to implement them. One thing that is very rewarding is the addition of lighting for in the night garden. This is a nice touch to add to the experience of sitting and admiring or strolling through your garden in the evenings. Another is attractive garden furniture.

If you are lucky and produce more food than needed, you can always set up a little stand in some areas and earn money from your bounty. This and yard saling are good ways to make money from home without costing anything. Or if you really have a large bounty from your garden, you may be able to set up and sell at a local farmer's market. Why not turn it into your own money market rather than spending money there?


  1. Just enjoyed some fresh broccoli out of the garden. I've never tasted anything so good. There is no comparison to home grown =)

  2. Oh wow. Mine is only about 8 inches high so far here up north. It might be a month or two to get it to that stage. Lucky you. We had some great peas and radishes though. I'm going to do more peas next year and put 'em up on chicken wire. The kids love those. Thanks for the comment.