Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Health Care Plan Being Forged To Benefit Special Interests At Expense Of Americans

Below is a form letter that appeared on Urban Survival, which you are welcome to use. Also there is a lot of important alternative news on the site today, including the little known fact that Juries have the right to nullify laws if they judge them to be inappropriate.

To relay a note on the immoral character of some on the Internet, due to copyright infringements the ALTA reports from Half Past Human, that were a valuable tool for survival, will not be available any longer due to various bloggers publishing the reports in attempts to drive traffic to their sites.

This and various other important items designed to give us details of the major screwing being put over on us can be viewed in George Ure's report today as well as the form letter that you can use, which follows:

"Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am writing to you today to let you know that we as a nation are being ignored, yet again. I realize that some of you are firmly on the left and some are firmly on the right and a few of you are so far left that you could slap your right cheek or vise versa. We need to move beyond such polarizing ideas and consider what is best for us as individuals and as a nation. Even though we contacted CONgress and the SIN-ate in an overwhelming majority of 300:1 against these bail outs for the banks and a stimulus package that seems to have only stimulated some campaign donors. They keep on using our tax dollars for things that are almost the polar opposite of what most of us could agree is right use of public funds and our common wealth as a nation.
Right now, our government is once again ignoring the people's express will. We have told our government that we want a single payer health care system. A system modeled on the programs that work well overseas and even within our own country in the form of VA benefits, Medicare and Medicaid. Instead, they want to turn this into a profit opportunity for the vested interests of big Pharma, the insurance companies, and the advertisers. Do you remember when they passed the "drug benefit" for the elderly? Something like 50+ plans, many of which confused our elderly population, and it had a big $2500 hole in the middle of it. To sell it we had almost constant advertising. Let us not forget we gave up the right to negotiate price with the drug companies and the right to import meds from overseas in that particular "reform." Yet we CAN still pay in large part for the research and research facilities.
What we currently have on the horizon as health care reform is the same "smoke and mirrors" pseudo reform that is in actuality more corporate welfare. Some things are too important to be "for profit" and health care is one of them. How can we as a nation or as individuals sleep well at night knowing that the working poor (that is the real identity of these 47-50 million uninsured) could receive a diagnosis today and leave a for profit institution knowing that they were going home to die, because they cannot afford treatment (or the copays for those of us fortunate enough to still have insurance) in this the supposedly richest and greatest nation on earth. These working poor make too much money to get any help from existing programs, but make too little to afford health care...How exactly does a $1000 fine for failure to carry insurance improve the situation?
What can you do? Well, you could delete the email and say I can't believe she sent me this. You could contact your representatives in Congress and Senate (I have North Carolina below.) You could even forward this email to your address book (like I did) if you agree that the only way we are going to get our government back is to insist on participating, that is what the lobbyists do...they insist with their money to participate! Well, I don't have the money or position to buy one of those tickets, but I do have an address book and so do you! Call em' and then call em again, send them an email and if your representatives still won't listen; then during the next election cycle vote out any incumbent who ignored the will of the people. It really is that simple. Even if you don't agree that single payer is the way to go...call them and tell them that, the important thing is to stop all this feeling of powerlessness in the face of the corporate interests. It all started with "We the people..." and We are still here!

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