Friday, July 17, 2009

Startling New Developments To Come

Now is as good a time as any to do a recap of the progression of this economic Depression that some astute observers contend that we are already into as I write. As evidence of this, there are many markers that are not emphasized as they should be in the everyday news that most people subscribe to. For example, there are the numbers for shipping, joblessness, bank and business health, housing and many other areas with terrible showings. And watch for an upcoming commercial real estate and derivative collapse to top things off very soon.

This all means that from the next few weeks until this time next year, at the latest, things will have deteriorated to a point that unimaginable conditions will most likely be directly upon us. And if you think that there might be some type of magical rescue plan to help us out, think again. The harsh truth is that there is no workable plan possible that can even begin to help us out, even if there was a desire to do so, and total chaos will rule the day. Whether this is being brought about intentionally as the conspiracy theorists assert, plain greed or any other reason doesn't really matter as far as the conditions lying directly ahead and the resulting world of which there aren't even any words to describe.

I do not put total faith in all of the allegations out there but, remember, anything is possible. As I said, knowledge of the causes of his depression will in no way alter the catastrophic outcome, but it could serve to help us in getting out quicker and staying out.

For those among you that are frequent visitors to this site, you already know of the unique information that is presented for the benefit of all readers. Tune in next week when we will go deep in-depth on some of the best past topics and when we will also be bringing forth some very important new developments that I have been working on. And also, if you have been around here for awhile, you know that I do not attempt to use any kind of hype at all so be sure to stop back.

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