Sunday, July 26, 2009

Market Movements

Despite all the happy talk going around, the current "bull market" is in reality nothing more than a bear market rally as can be distinguished quite easily by paying close attention to the underlying economic health. Businesses are reporting conditions that cannot be mistaken for good news in any sense of the word. If you need more convincing you need not look any further than the following:

1. shipping

2. employment

3. housing,

4. credit

5. banking

as well as a number of other indicators.

And it will not take too long for this grim news to be reflected by Wall Street. If you will be honest with yourself for a moment, you will have no alternative but to come to the same conclusion. This is not meant to be trading advice but rather a simple observation, which needs to be acted upon with the help of a qualified professional.

The key word here is qualified. If you find yourself in the presence of one of the many "buy and hold" proponents, you need to run the other way as fast as you can. It will not be an easy task finding someone who has the wherewithal to be innovative enough to lead you out of this economic abyss but keep trying you must. Your very life may very well depend upon it.


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