Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jobless Recovery

Thanks to my friend Bartender Cabbie for the comment noticing my past post predicting the claiming of a jobless recovery. That, of course, is hogwash but none-the-less it is what is being claimed by many at this time. The delaying of the "crash" is only due to the stimulus money pumped into the economy and the plunge protection measures, which are only putting off the inevitable. Actually, this downturn is still going on, albeit in slow motion, so as not to be readily detectable by the general public.

The latest predictions out by the web bot program available at shows a building tension period to start around the end of June increasing before the middle of July of this year. A large turning point to the downside will then occur in the first half of November with things getting worse after that for a sustained period of time. This is not to be used as advice but feel free to position yourself as you see fit.

Check back for updates as they become available. Good luck to all and be sure to prepare for the worst (it may be too bad to even imagine.) and don't count on government to help.


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  2. have not seen you in a while. miss your posts.