Thursday, February 25, 2010

Recession and New Electronics

According to the New York Fed model, the chances of having a double dip recession in 2010 or 2011 is zero. If you choose to believe them that is. More and more people are choosing not to believe these type of lies as the impact hits closer to home for them.

One positive note is the invention of the new type of electric box that was featured on 60 minutes last Sunday. One box, which would run about $2000 when ready to be mass produced, would supply enough electricity for the average American home's needs.

This is the type of radical innovation that could have a great effect on jump starting the economy. Other than a major breakthrough such as this, we are probably looking at a good 10 years of hard times ahead. Most people don't accept this fact as of yet but the coming months will probably bring them to the same conclusion as the lies they have been fed do not hold up to scrutiny any longer.

And maybe this is what is needed to get through to people and get them to finally realize the magnitude of the corruption that has been going on behind the scenes for so long. One more thing. Here's my plan to decrease the size of government. We need to implement a zero tolerance policy for a$$holes working in government like the one they have for other things. This would effectively get rid of most of the people working there and solve many of the world's problems.

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  1. The "box" may or may not live up to it's promise to reduce the amount of fossil fuel we use. I am suspicious because these things always seem to be tied to subsidies and some date in the future when the price would make them practical. How long can you string the government along providing subsidies for something that can never be practical??? Look at ethanol or Photo-voltaic. They have been doing it for years. I own one of those efficient washing machines that saves me 1/2 a cent in energy every time I run it (uses less water and claims to use less electricity). But as it happens it goes through $22 belts every 8 months and as the belt falls apart it cuts a $12 hose. Clearly it has a design flaw which costs me far more then it saves me. New technology isn't always better.