Thursday, September 24, 2009

Predictions Report And Economic Survival In Recession Or Deppression

Ben Bernake, center, official mouthpiece for the government, has claimed that the good times are just ahead. (Sound familiar? Its the same slogan used throughout the Great Depression.) He states that the worst is behind us and that we have turned the corner on the economic downturn and are heading back up from here. However, not even President Obama seems to be buying the BS. When asked if he agreed, he simply stated that he would let Bernake make the call as to when it was over.

In the late stages of capitalism that we are in now, there is really nowhere to "turn around" to. The gig is up and the many years of fleecing of the public can not go on indefinitely. The controller's ponzi scheme is about to be discovered by a majority of the people. Especially if they stray from the media hype and start digging a little deeper. For example, if they were to watch the number one documentary producer, Michael Moore's latest attempt on the subject, which is just opening.

This is all nothing new. My college professor, Larry Tift at CMU, wrote a book in the 1980's stating the same thing and teaching it mostly to students who didn't believe a word of it. I did though. Just a decade prior to that, in the early 70's, there were many of us questioning the way things were being done but, for some reason, that didn't last and the scheme was allowed to continue now for about 40 years longer. That's just a testament to the power of cunning manipulation aimed at a totally blind, mentally lazy or ambivalent populace.

Other countries are now talking seriously about not wanting to deal in US dollars any longer, the currency used for years in international business. They seem to know what is about to come down the pike and don't want to be stuck holding the bag. The upcoming G-20 meeting in Philly will serve as a soap box for the countries to air their grievances regarding the failing US dollar.

On top of that, the Federal Reserve has to deal with what is looking more and more like the dreaded audit that they will no longer be able to put off due to the number of people that they are no longer able to convince of their honesty who are now demanding some straight answers. Oh, and the latest news on the Fed is this. They have slipped up and admitted to the watchdog group, GATA, that they have manipulated the price of gold, which has served to allow them to continue their stealing from the masses to enrich their friends.

Add to all of this, the commercial real estate bubble starting to burst (no, you won't hear much of that...can you say cover up?), the rising unemployment figures (that are also fudged to appear lower), the derivative meltdown along with all of the other indicators, and you can pretty much see how badly we are screwed.

Or if you still can't, just wait. October 25th seems to be the consensus for the behind the scenes triggers that will bring everything to light for others who still don't see what is going on. And then by mid November the proverbial crap will start its flight into the blades of the fan. Gold, already on the rise to all time highs, is said to be poised to hit the $1050 per ounce price by year end.

Reports of strange happenings in the US, mostly foreign, are starting to build already. Such as the census taker who was found dead with the word FED carved into his chest reported on at Urban Survival and many other bizarre stories of extreme violence. Haven't heard those? You must be relying totally on the regular, sanitized news from this country then. Those type of stories won't be allowed to appear for regular folks to come upon. Much too risky, ya know. You have to come here or turn to
other alternative sources for that.

So, check back regularly unless you want to be totally blindsided in the coming weeks. I suppose that type of thinking serves it's purpose. It would allow us to sit still and continue our false hopes of a "turn around'. That way Ben Bernake and cohorts can continue to feather their beds with the rest of your retirement fund money until one day you are the one who will "turn around" to see all of it gone.


  1. I have thought for years that the U.S. would fall into a depression soon. I thought we would have seen it already, I was wrong. I do believe that it may still come. It would surprise me if it didn't. The way Obama is handling the "financial crisis" is so ignorant. You just can't keep borrowing money, printing more and money money and think that will sovle the problem. It will only delay a bigger crisis. Look at Germany after WWI, people were buying bread with a wheel barrel on money. It was almost worthless. That was due, in part, by just printing more and more money.

  2. You are one of the one's that get it. It's been said that only 15% of all people realize what is really happening. The rest just think we are starting a recovery and that everything will be fixed and be back like it was before. By mid November this should change and more will be forced to face reality, however.