Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Preppers Need Fun Too

With all the doom and gloom going on, we might forget the need to balance things out by doing something other than preparing for the dire conditions of the next couple years. Try to think of something that might be fun to do without cutting into your limited funds that will be needed to get through. I can't tell anyone else what to do since each person has their own idea of what is actually fun but some things I like that don't cost anything are going for a bike ride with the kids or a trip to the library (here we don't even need to drive to get there).

There is a red box movie rental at the local grocery store here where you can rent a movie for only a dollar. How about having a family night with a good movie and some nachos or pizza (some frozen ones aren't bad nowadays and a lot cheaper than the 20 dollar delivered ones). If you're like us, we load up one side with weird items like broccoli and pine nuts, etc and leave the other half for those less adventurous.

For some, just getting out and working in your garden is relaxing. Ours is winding down although some crops have not reached their full potential. But it's getting cold now and soon we'll get that first frost that will do in the remaining plants if not covered. Watch your local weather forecasts and pick what you can beforehand.

I've noticed lately that sometimes dining out can be about as cheap as getting groceries for simple meals at home. A lot of places are trying to bring in business by running specials, knowing that people are eating out less lately. Find one of those or, as we do here, get one of those local coupon books that the kids sell and you can usually buy one meal and get one free. (Or try coupons from the paper or online.)

The Dove Family Films are run at a local theater here where kids get in free and sometimes they have specials going on for the concessions. Otherwise look out for the concession prices: they can add up fast. That's how they make most of their money. Kind of like gas stations that make their money on the overpriced items and not the gas.

We will probably get some decent weather before winter although it doesn't look like it today. That would be a good time to pack a lunch and go on a hike or have a picnic at the local park. The hiking part is not my favorite, being a confirmed couch potato, but once you get started it's not that hard. And it can make you feel better: those chemicals that get released in the body, ya know.

Mall walking can be good exercise and fun for some but watch out for the temptations all around to entice people to buy. Of course, if you need items and have the money they may have deals on them. (A lot of times you can find better prices at places other than the mall.) Anyway, if the controllers have their way, your money won't be worth much when the inflationary policies go out of control. Just be sure to keep enough to get through several months at least.

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  1. You are right we need to get out and enjoy our lives and at the same time condition ourselves and stay in shape.