Saturday, September 12, 2009

Web Bot Predictions As Related To Survivalism

If you are wondering what the heck is going on with the world, you are not alone. I'm trying to use reliable sources to figure out where we are headed but some of the information I find difficult to make sense of. The Web Bot Alta report from due out on the 15th may clear some of this up, but for now, I will try to share what I think it is that I have somewhat of an understanding of.

It looks like what is being called the death of the dollar is going to impact pretty much everyone and is going to become obvious by the first of November. This is why we hear such things as China wanting to hold tangible assets rather than the empty promises of our dollars and why it is being reported that insiders are exiting the stock market.

Necessary items such as food will become inflated while other items may be worth less. It's confusing but that looks like the most likely scenario. This downturn will last for many years as far as I can tell and there are supposed to be like a billion people who will not make it through the changes. It's hard to know how to prepare for all of this but some basics are to have available food, water, shelter, some cash in smaller denominations and some silver on hand as well as a means to defend this.

That is my way of trying to boil things down to the simplest way I know how. For the first time gold has closed over a thousand dollars an ounce for the week and this is a sign that the efforts to hold everything together is not working for the controllers. Not that it will not go up and down from here but I think the metals are getting closer to the point of drastically higher prices. Oil may not be far behind and some predictions call for 800 dollar silver, 5000 dollar gold and 200 dollar oil or more.

There have been many manipulations to try to continue the fleecing of the common people and most people don't accept this but it will become more apparent as the next few months unfold. Things have gotten to the point where the bubble can not hold much more air. There is the scenario as I understand it. There is definitely a lot more to the story than that but, I will try to strain the limited intelligence I have been endowed with later to bring more of the available information to light.

Other topics that could deserve special consideration are coming clouds of toxic fallout from possible terrorism or war, pandemics, and pillaging that would require other preparations such as gas masks, natural remedies, medicines, first aid supplies and escape plans but this all is giving me such a headache. Please just do whatever you can and hope for the best. I do not want to see any unnecessary suffering and am sick at the thought of innocents going through these tribulations.

Considering the more far out and less concrete ideas, there may be a spiritual aspect to all of this. Whatever your beliefs, anything is possible and it would be nice some great power would step in and correct the evil being thrust upon the innocent. Some believe that a karmic balancing will bring justice. Those that brought this about would be corrected as well as the victims receiving their share of balance.
Others see a galactic group interceding to ensure fairness. And still others are of the beliefs set forth by Christianity. Or technology or a political solution and on and on. While anything is possible, we can't be sure how any of this will unfold, so I suggest taking the steps you feel are necessary to protect you and your loved ones. As the saying goes, God helps those that help themselves.


  1. I believe you are right on the mark. These things are just a matter of time. I too have noticed that the price of gold has just continued to increase over the past decade, if I had extra money to invest, it would be in gold.I'm afraid that I will be too late, in my dream, of having a farm of my own (still saving) and being self sufficient.

  2. Frightening but possibly accurate. One small way to mitigate some of the possible coming crisis is energy independence. That would be one small thing, but it would help somewhat. Excellent post as usual.

  3. Ohoh....quite worrisome! Thanks for updating through this informative post.

  4. Who knows Tricia, the price of farms might go down or one become available. I have a feeling something will work out. Energy independence would be helpful, you're right dh. I know Meam Wye, I am worried too. I think things will be better after its over, though. We've been held down and manipulated far too long and most people don't even know it.