Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Trends Leading to Need to Survive Financial Depression

The Dow is rising but don't get too excited. The trends lead me to believe that it is a final attempt at a last gasp for the economy. The dollar is down, unemployment is high, gold and silver are way up and energy and food are about to shoot through the roof.

Do not take this as financial advice but only trend research and a little common sense thrown in. The new money printing that is going to get underway for more bailouts and designed to curb deflation always has the effect of inflation and that will most likely appear in 2010. By this time next year, we will almost assuredly be living in a world unimaginable by most.

It may be best to increase preparations as allowed by each family the best they can. I bought a new shotgun since I figure the money will be worth less the longer I waited. I was also able to use it deer hunting and they are also good for small game and home protection or as a deterrence. The ammo may also be valuable as a barter item, if needed.

Don't be tempted to sell your gold or silver if you have some and don't need the money. They may go down temporarily but the trend will be up up and away I think. Food, water and heat will most likely be important to have available in the coming months more so than anything. Most of you know this but sometimes its good to just have a little reminder.

Its been said that only 15% of the population can see what's ahead. By visiting sites like this, you are most likely in that group. But trying to convince the other 85% seems to be a exercise in futility...at this time at least. A lot of that could be due to the lack of coverage by main stream media and glossing over or actually covering up the reality of the situation.

But by taking a little time and having an open mind, there is much to be gleaned in support of these ideas. Best of luck to all and keep in touch. This blog has made next to nothing in proceeds since the beginning but I will try to continue to bring useful articles as long as possible because I truly have compassion for all unlike unlike many responsible for the current and future messes. And this is my small way of trying to help.

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