Monday, November 30, 2009

So You Think You Have Freedom?

Most people today are under the assumption that they live in a free country in the U. S. We have lived with unjust taxation and the rest of the crooked system since we were born so we don't know anything else. This coupled with all of the disinformation and manipulations keep even the most educated, intelligent people fooled.

If the only thing you ever knew was paper money with nothing backing it, you would naturally think that this was a fair way to live your life. In actuality it is all designed to control the masses by their masters. If they don't care about the starving poor enough to stop the current system what makes you think they will care about you when its your turn in the gutter?

And yet I hear constantly that the government will not let things get out of hand. They will magically step in and save everyone before things get too far out of control. This is all understandable, as I have said. People don't want to believe that their lives can change so drastically for the worse. And for as long as they remember, things have not been too bad in their minds.

It is the job of sites like this to try to get people out of this rut that their minds tend to stay in. It's too bad that most of the ones that read these kinds of blogs are the ones that already know what time it is, so to speak. The majority will not want to look into any of these matters and avoid or even ridicule anything other than what they want to believe.

But, even with this frustration, I keep writing for those like my friend the cabbie (see previous comment section) who see what is going on around the country and do not close their eyes to things, enabling the controllers to get away with their scams. Instead they stand as glowing examples of how all of us should open our eyes and expose the rats that go undetected, infecting humanity with their filth.

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