Monday, November 9, 2009

Survival Can Be A Matter Of Changing Customs

First, if you bought gold when suggested here, you should be happy with the all time highs. If not, you could buy on dips or get silver. I have heard .22 bullets would be good for barter also and food that can be stored for extended periods is still a good bet. I can't give financial advice but I just think those will still be good moves.

Today I read about the increase of rats due to conditions in many areas. Although considered bad news, lets look at the positive here. Some countries consider the rat a delicacy. If push comes to shove, it may be a matter of life and death to overcome some of the preconceived notions we have about food.

In the old country, nothing is wasted. The tongue and other parts of the cow and lamb are eaten regularly. Some Mexican restaurants serve beef tongue tacos and, seriously they are actually better than the beef and chicken ones. It is very tender with a really good flavor.

As kids, we ate tongue sandwiches with mustard all the time. We also had stomach stuffed with rice, fried brains, and other dishes not normally enjoyed here. We think nothing of it but I know it would not be tolerated by most here. However, that might need to change if living is a priority. I wonder if we could be hypnotized into getting over the ideas about certain foods.

That could be a business in the future. Food aversion therapy. We could all be enjoying fried maggots and grasshoppers together. If you use my idea please send a percentage of your profits along. I will accept payment in pig hooves, fish heads and kidneys packed on dry ice if money is not an option.

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