Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Update For 2012

Whatever the catastrophe predicted for 2012 by the Mayan calendar and others happens to be, it seems that it has been moved forward according to some sources. It has been reported that it may arrive as soon as 2011 now. And, to make things even worse, the powers that be may be engineering an economic collapse to coincide with the event or events perhaps to help fund some of their preparations. George W. Bush has purchased land high above sea level and there is a hospital being built strategically located so as to be accessible in case of extensive flooding. This has been said to have utilized the tarp money that was pushed through.

Some regular folks are building unsinkable boats to prepare but others say that those will not be advantageous due to the extreme heights of waves and the free fall drop down the face that would take place. Others are looking to secure farm land well above sea level.

If you're like me, you have more answers than questions at this time. Will electronics be wiped out by a CME or coronal mass ejection from the sun? Will there be changes in the earth's crust due to a poll shift? If these type of events happen approximately every 11,000 years, why haven't any survivors left definitive records for us? Or have they and those were hidden away from the general public? Please comment if anyone has information that will help clear any of this up.


  1. Thanks for the comment. I forgot to mention that some are also going underground. Existing cave structures are being purchased and bases are being built below the earth as well as possibly on other planetary bodies.