Monday, March 8, 2010

Survival of Disasters and 2012

Forgive me for neglecting posting here as much but I've been researching and brainstorming over on the halfpasthuman discussion forum a lot lately. I've recently been studying the sun's activity as related to the 2012 scenario (which may have been fast forwarded to 2011 or sooner now).

A very dismal endeavor but worthwhile I suppose. This event, whatever it is, would have the effect of changing a lot of preparations that we concentrate on. And some of our preps we are making may be substituted with others. The ramifications would be too great for a short article like this, or even for a long article, but a little digging will clear things up a lot and a good place to start would be this article.

As I learn more, I will try to keep this site updated. For those so inclined, some of the things suggested that I have run across are boat building, high ground retreats and other major changes that could be the difference between survival and mass extinction. Sorry you won't find any posts on making substitute coffee from roots but some things are taking priority now.