Friday, October 23, 2009

Unemployment and Bailouts

It is still being decided whether or not the unemployed will be able to get an extension on their benefits or not. This has been dragging on in congress while those who have lost their livelihood due to no fault of their own suffer. However, bailouts are paid freely to corrupt big businesses that brought about their own troubles due to their own greed. What do you expect? This type of thing has been going on for years.

I've been waiting my whole adult live, since the 70's for this type of crap to change and maybe now it will finally start to in the next couple days. Probably not without the major suffering and death of many innocents, however. For me the extra 20 weeks of benefits would be great since my benefits ran out weeks ago. Those in lower unemployment states would only be getting 14 weeks.

Better yet, how about a little job creation. If there is by chance a decent job opening, the chances of getting it are slim since sometimes hundreds and even thousands apply for each opening. Nothing will get better until this situation is addressed no matter what you hear about the economy turning around. And getting anything done about it is going to take a long time. Just look at how long they take to decide to extend the benefits. If their cronies wanted the money, it would have been printed, sent and distributed as bonuses by now.


  1. Great Post. I myself have been driving a cab once in a while, doing a little bartending and banquet serving work and recently started substitue teaching. In my case this works out pretty good probably due to my liking for flexibility. I miss (and need) the good benefits that go along with a "real" job however. I have pretty much stopped looking for one of those a good while back. The area of the country I live in has not been hit quite as hard as most others. I can only imagine how hard it is in the areas that have been badly affected by the current economy.

  2. I sympathize with anyone who loses their job but I do not equate unemployment benefits with helping the economy or providing jobs. If anything extended unemployment benefits keeps people out of work longer. Lets face it if you didn't have unemployment benefits you would take any job but with the benefits you only want a job as good as the one you lost. The right way to correct a recession/depression is to cut taxes and reduce or eliminate laws making an unfavorable business environment. Businesses didn't move their manufacturing to China because they like Chinese food!! They moved offshore because the business environment in the U.S. is bad and getting worse. We are legislating our business community out of business.