Monday, October 12, 2009

Surviving The Depression

In about two weeks, on Oct. 25, people will start to be aware of the current depression according to the fine people at and These are the ones that got it right on last year's decline in the stock market, 9/11 and many other events. And this one is said to be bigger than both of those put together by many times.

So, for some last minute survival tips, have some cash on hand in case of bank closures. Two weeks worth would be the bare minimum with enough for several months better. Have food on hand for the same period at least since there may not be any in the stores or, what there is will be very expensive.

Watch out for sites like this to be targeted and not be available. You may however be able to access them with their IP address. has his posted today in case you would like to be able to get news from there. Other than that, take the usual steps to get through as you can find in past article here by browsing or doing a search of this site in the bar at the left.

Watch the news for prequels to this catastrophe beforehand but, whatever will be start off as the actual turning point will be right on the 25th more than likely. The two weeks after that should bring it to light what is happening. Other than that, all I can tell you is that you should not buy into what you will be hearing because of the normal spin and also the cover that will be being used to guide you where you shouldn't be focusing.

That's all I know for now. Further postings will be available here if anything else comes to light.

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  1. Hopefully this is not the correct scenario but I don't doubt anythng at this point.