Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Garden Tips Ahead on Poll

I guess I'm writing about gardening since you have voted for it over twice as many times as the other choices on the poll (upper left of screen). But first I have to say that the economy needs some attention since we are getting close to the predictive linguistic timeline for the next downward slide. So, before I go off on the garden tips, just make sure that you have adjusted your finances and stocked some supplies away. And don't forget to keep at least a couple months worth of cash on hand in case of bank closures.

As far as my garden goes here in the central part of the lower peninsula of Michigan, the broccoli is getting pretty good sized, although not ready for harvest just yet. Squash, corn, onions, potatoes and tomatoes as well as some other crops are coming along well also. Some tomatoes have been harvested of the early variety and others are bearing a lot of large green fruit. Those are being left on the vine to ripen and are propped up by cages so as not to let the fruit touch the ground. If that happens, you will end up with bad spots wherever they are touching.

The replants of early peas, radishes and other crops are sprouted and should be ready before the first frost, although it has been a colder than usual summer in this area. Tomorrow will be the third day since we had some big rainstorms so it will be about the time to start back with the watering schedule about every other day or so.

Weeding has had to be put on hold some due to other activities going on here but it doesn't seem to be affecting the growth of the vegetables very much. Bugs have not been too bad of a problem but I did have to spray with a mixture of Basic H (a natural Shaklee product) and water as directed on the instructions. This will get rid of the bugs where needed without adding any harmful chemicals to your food. It is a little expensive, about $12 dollars per bottle, but you only use a tiny bit mixed with water and it can be used for dozens of other uses such as cleaning and to spray on skin as an insect repellent also. It even clears pipes if used to wash dishes.


  1. I look forward to someday having a garden of my own being able to use your tips. :(

  2. How about having some vegetables indoors or on a deck or patio in containers if you don't have a yard? I have some tips on that in some previous articles.