Friday, August 28, 2009

Survival Tips for Preppers Facing Economic Depression 2

For the first time a category in this site's poll has been matched in requesting articles on gardening. This category is survival tips. These developments are to be expected in the coming weeks with the second great depression kicking in to high gear as well as the gardening season winding down.

By the end of next month many will be seeking survival tips and by a month after that things will be in full swing. I was able to get a few eagle coins today and I suggest that anyone wanting to be prepared do the same as your ability allows. This is the number one tip to everyone at this time. I cannot say this is investment advise but I hope you will consider this for maximum preparedness.

And, since gardening is still high in the polling, lets talk about another preparation. Again, not investment advise. However, acquiring some heritage seeds would never be a bad move for hedging your bets.

Keep some cash on hand in case banks and ATM's are not operational. If, I needed to find a way to get cash, I would cash in my 401K, pull out of the stock market, sell unneeded items, moonlight, work overtime or any other legal means of obtaining cash.

After you get the necessities, such as food and water stocks in place, start working on a heat source such as a wood burning stove, water well, candles, batteries for your flashlights, first aid supplies, etc. There are many lists available for what should be needed and just work on these as funds allow.

Remember, many reliable sources point to a timeline of weeks and months, not years, before it may be hard, if not impossible to procure needed items. Start with whatever priorities fit your circumstances and, if possible, locate like-minded individuals to work with. It's always easier to have more, rather than less, folks to help each other in times of need.

And for those not like-minded types, it may be beneficial to have a reliable firearm or two with extra ammo on hand. Remember, even normally civil types to turn ugly when their loved ones are suffering and they haven't bothered to prepare. If they have the slightest idea that you have prepared, they will not hesitate to do whatever they can to keep the family alive at your expense.

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